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Market Access II

Ultimately, market access is about ensuring effective treatments reach the people who need them. There are many components that must fit together along that journey, as explored by our expert contributors in this edition.

Just some of the themes include: the real impact of a Health Technology Assessement (HTA) decision, the promise of the ‘MINT’ countries (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey), a step-by-step guide to the generation and use of real-world data, filling the gap between drug development and implementation, the pivotal role of Pharmacy Benefit Managers in the US, as well as the challenges in improving rare disease treatment and biosimilars uptake.

Deep Dive: Market Access II

Forthcoming issues include Deep Dive: Digital II in December 17 and Deep Dive: Innovation & Start-ups in March 2018.

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Future Pharma July 17

Healthcare is facing transformation – tech companies large and small are moving in to the sector and, in turn, pharma is partnering with tech companies to develop novel solutions for patient monitoring, adherence, improving clinical trials, big data analysis, and recording the real-world effects of therapies, to name just a few. Add proactive patients and tailored drug advances and the future looks both exciting and uncertain.

This edition of Deep Dive considers topics ranging from pharmacogenomics and regenerative medicine to the growing importance of the behavioural sciences to current applications for artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and bioelectronics.

Deep Dive: Future Pharma

Oncology May 17

Advances in treatments are revolutionising cancer management. But with one in two people likely to be diagnosed with the disease today, are screening and diagnosis swift enough and, for those needing treatment, how effective are the latest tailored drugs?

With more people living longer with cancer, is the wider support infrastructure for patients and carers adequate? And when is the right time for some to stop trying one more drug and focus on quality end-of-life care

This edition examines the latest immuno-oncology techniques, the question of affordability, and the cutting-edge research being funded by Cancer Research UK’s Grand Challenge programme.

Deep Dive: Oncology

Patient Centricity March 17

What does ‘patient centricity’ really mean? And what does it look like in practice? Can embedding a person-centred approach in an organisation be a win for the company as well as the patient?

The European Patients Forum, European Society for Person Centred Healthcare, Findacure and the EMA’s Patients’ and Consumers’ Working Party, outline examples of best practice and areas for further development, while home care service providers, market researchers and consultants offer expertise in developing patient support programmes, gathering reliable patient insights and examining whether the plethora of health-related apps are both used and of value.

Deep Dive: Patient Centricity

Digital November 16

This issue examines the use of digital technologies in the healthcare space, ranging from management of data and real-world evidence, to industry initiatives, to best practice in social media for optimal marketing and sales, plus how to get the most from gamification and scientific animation.

Read the views of some of the top minds in the field, from companies and organisations including IBM Watson Health, Twitter, the ABPI and EACA, and learn what’s next in the digital revolution.

Deep Dive: Digital


Market Access July 16

This issue brings you intelligent insights on the topic of market access in a series of in-depth articles and opinion pieces from industry thought leaders, patient group experts and our pharma journalists.

Read a keynote from EFPIA’s director general on how the industry is willing to partner with payers to deliver outcomes-driven, sustainable healthcare and overcome the challenges of rising demand from ageing populations and chronic diseases, hear about new models for improved access, and the specific needs of rare disease communities.

Deep Dive: Market Access

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