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Deep Dive Disruptive Technologies

Deep Dive: Disruptive Technologies

  • AI
  • Chatbots
  • Data disruption
  • Mobile
  • IoT
  • Blockchain

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The current issue

Deep Dive Frontiers 2018 publication featured on a tablet device

Deep Dive: Digital Health Innovation

This bespoke edition of pharmaphorum’s regular Deep Dive digital magazine investigates the digital health ecosystem with input from an expert cast of investors, start-up founders, pharma executives and many more.

Produced in partnership with Healthware International, Deep Dive: Digital Health Innovation talks about the convergence of digital and traditional medicine, the pace of healthcare technology adoption and the transformation of patient outcomes.

There’s advice on how to use digital technology to support patients on their empowerment journeys and how pharmaceutical companies can best work with health tech start-ups.

Continuing that theme the issue features Pfizer on its work with start-ups and Bayer on how its innovation team is injecting an entrepreneurial spirit to the pharma company’s work.

The issue also looks at the development and potential of digital therapeutics, and emerging regulatory approaches within this exciting area.

As a whole the issue brings a wide range of insights to the core themes that will be covered at November’s Frontiers Health event in Berlin.

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Our future Deep Dives

late November / early December 2018: Disruptive Technologies

February 2019: R&D Innovation
April 2019: Access & Commercialisation
June 2019: Oncology
September 2019: Sales & Marketing Innovation
October 2019: Digital Health
December 2019: Patient Engagement

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Previous issues

Deep Dive Oncology 2018 publication featured on a tablet device

Deep Dive Oncology special: reflections on ASCO

Welcome to a special edition of Deep Dive focusing exclusively on Oncology. This is the first of a series of Deep Dive issues which combine unique insight and opinion with the best from a leading medical conference.

The conference in question this time around is the 2018 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference, which pharmaphorum’s senior report Richard Staines attended in June.

Highlights from our Oncology special edition include an interview with Merck & Co’s research chief Roy Baynes about how there could be more to come from Keytruda, plus further insights from ASCO into CAR-T cell therapies for drug cancer, reviews of the latest research in prostate and breast cancer drugs and how digital technology could help diagnose cancer earlier. Other highlights include an article from Witty Health on how blockchain technology could transform cancer care, whilst Matt Coffey, president and chief executive officer at Oncolytics Biotech talks about the oncolytic virus renaissance and how it is improving the efficacy of current immunotherapies. Plus, health economist Leela Barham reviews the latest ways to assess the worth of new cancer drugs, and the implications for pharma and patients too.

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Deep Dive Future Pharma 2018 publication featured on a tablet device

Future Pharma 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of pharmaphorum’s Deep Dive magazine, once again bringing expert insight and analysis together to delve into a critical industry topic.

This issue brings forth evidence of what the likely future is for our industry, what this means for healthcare and how pharma can best navigate the sea change ahead to ensure a successful and sustainable future.

Highlights from the Future Pharma 2018 edition include:
Chris Molloy of the Medicines Discovery Catapult explains why the future of medical innovation lies with the industry’s SMEs
Karen Taylor of Deloitte offers six predictions for the course of our industry into 2022, both evolutionary and revolutionary.
How Blockchain could enable a truly global healthcare ecosystem.
And a look into real-world examples of how nanotechnology is now advancing medicine, and the challenges faced.

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Deep Dive Patient Centricity 2 publication featured on a tablet device

Patient Centricity 2018

The phrase ‘patient centricity’ has been a buzzword for some time in the industry, but how many companies are merely paying it lip service? Are there firms that truly understand and have taken steps to reorganise their approach, internally and externally?

Though patient organisations and charities may feel pharma has a long way to go, this edition of Deep Dive features many examples where companies have listened and partnerships have resulted in improvements to patients’ lives – and pharma’s bottom line.

Read this issue for advice from the experts on how to define patient centricity, build trust and develop strong relationships.

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Deep Dive Digital 2 publication on tablet device

Digital 2017

There are an increasing number of digital companies with solutions entering the healthcare sector. These digital companies capture and analyse data, that can be used to improve clinical trial recruitment to real-world outcomes.

Patients and healthcare providers have technology to monitor symptoms and drug benefits over time. This is thanks to the abilities of hand-held and wearable devices.

Some pharma companies are blending digital into their company processes and others do not know where to start. This Deep Dive edition hears from the experts about how to navigate the challenges that still remain. There are some highlights of the companies and organisations shaking up the health space.

Deep Dive: Digital II

Deep Dive Market Access 2 publication on tablet device

Market Access 2017

Ultimately, market access is about ensuring effective treatments reach the people who need them. There are many components that must fit together along that journey, as explored by our expert contributors in this edition.

Just some of the themes include: the real impact of a Health Technology Assessement (HTA) decision, the promise of the ‘MINT’ countries (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey), a step-by-step guide to the generation and use of real-world data, filling the gap between drug development and implementation, the pivotal role of Pharmacy Benefit Managers in the US, as well as the challenges in improving rare disease treatment and biosimilars uptake.

Deep Dive: Market Access II

Future Pharma 2017

Healthcare is facing transformation – tech companies large and small are moving in to the sector and, in turn, pharma is partnering with tech companies to develop novel solutions for patient monitoring, adherence, improving clinical trials, big data analysis, and recording the real-world effects of therapies, to name just a few. Add proactive patients and tailored drug advances and the future looks both exciting and uncertain.

This edition of Deep Dive considers topics ranging from pharmacogenomics and regenerative medicine to the growing importance of the behavioural sciences to current applications for artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and bioelectronics.

Deep Dive: Future Pharma

Oncology 2017

Advances in treatments are revolutionising cancer management. But with one in two people likely to be diagnosed with the disease today, are screening and diagnosis swift enough and, for those needing treatment, how effective are the latest tailored drugs?

With more people living longer with cancer, is the wider support infrastructure for patients and carers adequate? And when is the right time for some to stop trying one more drug and focus on quality end-of-life care

This edition examines the latest immuno-oncology techniques, the question of affordability, and the cutting-edge research being funded by Cancer Research UK’s Grand Challenge programme.

Deep Dive: Oncology

Patient Centricity 2017

What does ‘patient centricity’ really mean? And what does it look like in practice? Can embedding a person-centred approach in an organisation be a win for the company as well as the patient?

The European Patients Forum, European Society for Person Centred Healthcare, Findacure and the EMA’s Patients’ and Consumers’ Working Party, outline examples of best practice and areas for further development, while home care service providers, market researchers and consultants offer expertise in developing patient support programmes, gathering reliable patient insights and examining whether the plethora of health-related apps are both used and of value.

Deep Dive: Patient Centricity

Digital 2016

This issue examines the use of digital technologies in the healthcare space, ranging from management of data and real-world evidence, to industry initiatives, to best practice in social media for optimal marketing and sales, plus how to get the most from gamification and scientific animation.

Read the views of some of the top minds in the field, from companies and organisations including IBM Watson Health, Twitter, the ABPI and EACA, and learn what’s next in the digital revolution.

Deep Dive: Digital

Market Access 2016

This issue brings you intelligent insights on the topic of market access in a series of in-depth articles and opinion pieces from industry thought leaders, patient group experts and our pharma journalists.

Read a keynote from EFPIA’s director general on how the industry is willing to partner with payers to deliver outcomes-driven, sustainable healthcare and overcome the challenges of rising demand from ageing populations and chronic diseases, hear about new models for improved access, and the specific needs of rare disease communities.

Deep Dive: Market Access

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