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Communications and Commercialisation

Deep Dive: Communications and Commercialisation

The COVID-19 pandemic kickstarted a period of profound change in how the pharmaceutical industry approaches both communications and commercialisation. In some cases it was an accelerant for existing plans, but it has also caused some new shifts in the landscape, shifts that have yet to be completed.

This issue assesses European pharma’s approach to strategic communications, the future of pharma commercialisation, communications gaps with patients and, with the pandemic continuing to cast a long shadow over healthcare, how to maximise the effectiveness of HCP engagement.

Deep Dive: Communications and Commercialisation 2021 contents


Deep Dive: Oncology 2021

This has probably been the toughest year for oncology researchers in memory. But it’s perhaps a testament to the sector’s strength that even among these challenges, all of our speakers this issue see the huge potential for cancer research going forward. Read on for a look at highlights from ASCO, new approaches to clinical trials, and the transformative impact of digital in oncology. Plus we have a special focus on digital health start-ups and how digital companies are changing healthcare.

Deep Dive: Oncology 2021 contents

Deep Dive Market Access 2021Deep Dive: Market Access 2021

It’s fair to say this is the most interesting time ever for market access. Not only has COVID forced companies, governments and healthcare systems to work towards approving drugs and vaccines in record times, the sector is also facing an influx of digital therapeutics and advanced drugs that don’t fit neatly into existing access frameworks. We take a look at all these intersecting topics in this issue – with experts from across the industry sharing their advice on how companies can navigate these paradigm shifts.

Deep Dive: Market Access 2021 contents

Research and DevelopmentDeep Dive: Research and Development 2021

Pharma’s historic R&D efforts have given us some light at the end of the COVID tunnel. Now it’s time for the industry to start doing what it was unable to do at the outset of COVID-19 – planning for the future to ensure the R&D landscape can remain as strong as it is now. As we find out in this issue, achieving this will require the industry to harness agile working, digitalisation and new, collaborative infrastructures. Luckily, these are all things that pharma has already embraced during the pandemic, as we see in interviews with LEO Pharma’s new R&D lead Jörg Möller and data specialist Maria Chatzou Dunford, as well as experts from NIHR, Advanced Clinical and Bruntwood SciTech, among many others.

Deep Dive: Research and Development 2021 contents

Patients and Partnerships 2020Deep Dive: Patients and Partnerships 2020

As this issue’s title suggests, patient centricity is about more than just talking points and marketing strategies – it requires companies to truly listen to, engage with and partner with the people they serve, and in putting this month’s Deep Dive together it’s been great to see that so many pharma firms are now taking this to heart. Not only that, but we are seeing patient insights being considered at every stage of a product’s lifecycle, from product design to clinical trials and even post-marketing patient services. In this issue you can read expert viewpoints from across the industry on how pharma can optimise its patient engagement at all these stages. The issue is also available as a downloadable pdf for offline reading.

Deep Dive: Patients and Partnerships 2020 contents

Deep Dive Communications 2020Deep Dive: Digital Health Innovation 2020

Most of the digital health experts we spoke to for this issue made one thing clear – no one can really say what the future holds for digital tech in the pharma and healthcare industries. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – our interviewees also stressed that if companies can remain adaptable and innovative, there are myriad opportunities to thrive during and after COVID-19. In this issue we hone in on some of the tech that is set to change healthcare forever – including VR, AI and digital therapeutics – and look at how pharma can best harness them. We also examine how the pandemic is affecting digital sales, patient support programmes and HCP consultations, and speak to some exciting digital start-ups that are bringing new ways of managing health into systems like the NHS. The issue is also available as a downloadable pdf for offline reading.

Deep Dive: Digital Health Innovation 2020 contents


Deep Dive Communications 2020Deep Dive: Communications 2020

COVID-19 might have forced pharma to finally fully embrace digital comms, but that doesn’t mean the industry is good at using these platforms yet. Speaking to the various experts in this issue, one theme that came up again and again was that the techniques for successful communication on digital platforms are completely different to those we would use for traditional comms – but pharma is largely still stuck in the mindset of physical communications and in-person meetings. In this issue we hear from a variety of KOLs who are leading pharma comms into a new, digital era to get their views on how pharma can best adapt for the post-COVID world. The issue is also available as a downloadable pdf for offline reading.

Deep Dive: Communications 2020 contents


The Future of OncologyDeep Dive: The Future of Oncology

This year’s ASCO showed us that while COVID-19 might be front and centre of everyone’s minds, the desire to see real change in cancer treatment hasn’t diminished. In this issue, Jennifer Harris from Syneos discusses the biggest takeaways from the conference with Richard Staines. We also take a look at how COVID-19 is affecting cancer trials, and what the industry can do to solve these issues. Plus we have views and analysis from several cancer experts – including contributors from GSK, Accenture, ICON and Advanced Clinical – on how they think the future of oncology will play out. The issue is also available as a downloadable pdf for offline reading.

Deep Dive: The Future of Oncology contents


Market AccessDeep Dive: Market Access

In this special issue we look at what the COVID-19 pandemic means for the industry’s market access efforts, and also give some practical tips on how companies can accelerate the digital transformation necessitated by lockdowns. But because coronavirus is a drop in the ocean compared to the countless other diseases pharma is trying to tackle, we also explore the market access challenges that will remain during and after the crisis – including access for biosimilars, how R&D processes affect reimbursement, and how pharma can work with payers to make sure as many patients as possible get access to drugs. The issue is also available as a downloadable pdf for offline reading.

Deep Dive: Market Access contents


R and D DisruptionDeep Dive: R&D Disruption

With costs skyrocketing and return on investment plummeting, R&D arguably needs disruption more than any other area of the industry. In this issue we look at some of the most important innovations hoping to change R&D forever, from a crowdsourcing approach to scientific discoveries to using smartphone keyboards to monitor Parkinson’s disease and harnessing social media listening in rare disease drug development. The issue is also available as a downloadable pdf for offline reading.

Deep Dive: R&D Disruption contents


Patient EngagementDeep Dive: Patient Engagement

Patient engagement has moved from a lofty goal to a tangible part of most pharma businesses – but there are still untapped areas for the industry. This issue looks at how patient engagement can improve trial recruitment and HTA processes, identify real unmet needs and make patient events truly meaningful. We also have exclusive interviews with Astellas’ new head of patient centricity Anthony Yanni and Sandoz’s head of digital Andre Heeg, and look at how patient adoption of digital solutions can be optimised. The issue is also available as a downloadable pdf for offline reading.

Deep Dive: Patient Engagement contents

Digital HealthDeep Dive: Digital Health 2019

This issue focuses on the most important trends in digital health in pharma. We have insights from several experts on AI in life sciences, including Aktana’s Matthew Van Wingerden and Pini Ben-Or, IBM Watson’s Christina Busmalis, and our very own Richard Staines. Elsewhere, we learn about best practice in performance marketing and SEO from’s Matt Lowe, and we have exclusive interviews with Roche Diabetes Care’s Michael Goetzl and Almirall’s Francescsa Wuttke about how their companies are embracing digital. The issue is also available as a downloadable pdf for offline reading.

Deep Dive: Digital Health 2019 contents

Sales and Marketing InnovationDeep Dive: Sales and Marketing Innovation

In this issue of Deep Dive we look at how sales & marketing teams are adapting to a world increasingly saturated by innovation, and how they can harness innovations for themselves to optimise their impact on pharma, customers and patients. Featuring views and analysis from Aurora, Syneos Health, IQVIA’s Sarah Rickwood and Professor Brian D Smith. Plus exclusive interviews with Havas Health & You’s David Hunt and Healthware’s Roberto Ascione. In addition to the online version, this issue is also available as a downloadable pdf to read offline.

• Deep Dive: Sales and Marketing Innovation contents

Oncology and ASCO 2019Deep Dive: Oncology and ASCO 2019

In this issue of Deep Dive we look at the most important trends in modern oncology, starting with an analysis of this year’s ASCO conference featuring thought leaders from Kantar. Meanwhile, experts from ICON, Cytel, Research Partnership, and Pharmerit give their views on how to tackle the biggest challenges in this dynamic disease area. Elsewhere, we have exclusive interviews with Astellas US president Percival Barretto-Ko, Impetus Digital’s Natalie Yeadon, and Tag’s Robb DeFilippis.

• Deep Dive: Oncology and ASCO 2019 contents

Access and CommercialisationDeep Dive: Access and Commercialisation

In this issue of Deep Dive we explore the ever present issues of market access and commercialisation, analysing recent changes to market access in China, England and the US and asking how pharma can work with healthcare systems to ensure patients get the medicines they need. Plus there’s a focus on new ways the industry can harness digital innovation. Read on for expert views from Research Partnership, ICON, Impetus Digital and IDEA Pharma, as well as interviews with Sandoz’s Andre Heeg, LEO Innovation Lab’s John Zibert and Janssen’s Kris Sterkens.

• Deep Dive: Access and Commercialisation contents

R-and-D-Innovation-2019Deep Dive: R&D Innovation

In this issue of Deep Dive Magazine we look at innovation in R&D, asking how pharma can change up the development model with new strategies and technologies to cut waste and ensure the best medicines get to the patients that can benefit from them. Plus, we have a special focus on rare disease patients and how to best meet their needs. There’s expert input from IDEA Pharma, Havas Lynx Faze, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Alexion and Spire Health, as well as rare disease advocates Seth Rotberg and Ana Velosa.

• Deep Dive: R&D Innovation contents

Deep Dive Disruptive Technologies in pharmaDeep Dive: Disruptive Technologies

In the first issue of Deep Dive for 2019, we look at disruptive technologies in pharma, how they’re changing medicine, research and development, and healthcare, and how the pharmaceutical industry is responding to these momentous shifts.

There’s expert input from Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Sandoz and a host of other digital health movers and shakers, plus thought-leadership from Evidera, Syneos Health and the Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA).

• Deep Dive: Disruptive Technologies contents

Deep Dive Digital Health InnovationDeep Dive: Digital Health Innovation

This bespoke edition of pharmaphorum’s regular Deep Dive digital magazine was produced in partnership with Healthware International and Frontiers Health.

It investigates the digital health ecosystem with input from investors, start-up founders, pharma executives and many more to look at the convergence of digital and traditional medicine, the pace of healthcare technology adoption and the transformation of patient outcomes.

• Read Deep Dive: Digital Health Innovation in full

Deep Dive Oncology special - reflections on ASCODeep Dive: Oncology special – reflections on ASCO

Highlights from our Oncology special include an interview with Merck & Co’s Roy Baynes on Keytruda, plus further insights from ASCO 2018 into CAR-T cell therapies, reviews of the latest prostate and breast cancer research and how digital technology could help diagnosis.

We also hear from Witty Health on blockchain technology and from Oncolytics Biotech’s Matt Coffey about the oncolytic virus renaissance. Plus, health economist Leela Barham reviews the latest ways to assess the worth of new cancer drugs.

• Read Deep Dive: Oncology special – reflections on ASCO in full

Deep Dive Future PharmaDeep Dive: Future Pharma

This Future Pharma issue brings forth evidence of what the likely future is for our industry, what this means for healthcare and how pharma can best navigate the sea of change ahead to ensure a successful and sustainable future.

Chris Molloy of the Medicines Discovery Catapult explains why the future of medical innovation lies with the industry’s SMEs, Karen Taylor of Deloitte offers six predictions for the course of our industry and there’s a look at how nanotechnology is now advancing medicine.

• Read Deep Dive: Future Pharma in full

Deep Dive Patient CentricityDeep Dive: Patient Centricity

The phrase ‘patient centricity’ has been a buzzword for some time in the industry, but how many pharmaceutical companies are merely paying it lip service? Are there firms that truly understand and have taken steps to reorganise their approach, internally and externally?

Though patient organisations and charities may feel pharma has a long way to go, this edition of Deep Dive features many examples where companies have listened and partnerships have resulted in improvements to patients’ lives – and the bottom line.

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Deep Dive DigitalDeep Dive: Digital

There are an increasing number of digital health companies working to capture and analyse data that can be used to improve areas such as patient outcomes, clinical trial recruitment and real-world outcomes.

As pharma companies work to blend digital into their processes, this Deep Dive edition hears from the experts about how to navigate the challenges that remain and make the most of the sector’s data-driven future.

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Deep Dive: Market Access

Ultimately, market access is about ensuring effective treatments reach the people who need them. There are many components that must fit together along that journey, as explored by our expert contributors in this edition.

Just some of the themes include: the real impact of a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) decision, the promise of the ‘MINT’ countries (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) and a step-by-step guide to the generation and use of real-world data.

• Read Deep Dive: Market Access in full

Deep Dive: Future Pharma

The 2017 Future Pharma issue of Deep Dive comes as healthcare faces transformation as tech companies move into the sector and, in turn, pharmaceutical firms partner with them to develop novel solutions for patient monitoring, adherence, improving clinical trials, big data analysis, and recording the real-world effects of therapies, to name just a few.

Add proactive patients and tailored drug advances and the future looks both exciting and uncertain.

• Read Deep Dive: Future Pharma in full

Deep Dive OncologyDeep Dive: Oncology

Advances in treatments are revolutionising cancer management, but with more people living longer with cancer, is the wider support infrastructure for patients and carers adequate?

This edition also examines the latest immuno-oncology techniques, the question of affordability, and the cutting-edge research being funded by Cancer Research UK’s Grand Challenge programme.

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Deep Dive: Patient Centricity

What does ‘patient centricity’ really mean? And what does it look like in practice? Can embedding a person-centred approach in an organisation be a win for the company as well as the patient?

The European Patients Forum, European Society for Person Centred Healthcare, Findacure and the EMA’s Patients’ and Consumers’ Working Party, outline examples of best practice and areas for further development in this issue of Deep Dive.

• Read Deep Dive: Patient Centricity in full

Deep Dive DigitalDeep Dive: Digital

This 2016 issue examines the use of digital health technologies, ranging from data management and real-world evidence, to industry initiatives and best practice in social media, plus we look at how to get the most from gamification and scientific animation.

Read the views of some of the top minds in the field, from companies and organisations, including IBM Watson Health, Twitter, the ABPI and EACA, and learn what’s next in the digital revolution.

• Read Deep Dive: Digital in full

Deep Dive Market AccessDeep Dive: Market Access

This 2016 debut edition of pharmaphorum’s digital magazine brings you intelligent insights on market access in a series of in-depth articles and opinion pieces from industry thought leaders, patient group experts and our pharma journalists.

Read a keynote from EFPIA’s director general on how the industry is willing to partner with payers to overcome the challenge of rising demand from ageing populations and chronic diseases.

• Read Deep Dive: Market Access in full

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