Spotlight on the World Without Disease Summit

Spotlight on
The World Without Disease Summit

*The World Without Disease whitepaper has now been released. Read on below for further information and access to the whitepaper.

Health systems globally have reached a critical inflexion point, where ageing populations and tightening budgets mean we can no longer continue to purely treat late-stage symptomatic disease. Instead, a new paradigm is needed where equal emphasis is placed on earlier disease prediction, prevention, and interception, which can deliver vastly improved outcomes for patients in a much more sustainable manner. This is the vision of the World Without Disease Summit, and on 21st June 2023 in London, key stakeholders and decision-makers will come together to bring this vision to life.

In this Spotlight on the inaugural World Without Disease Summit, we’ll be posting preview interviews with some of the conference’s high-profile speakers and sponsors as we get closer to the event. As the event goes on, we’ll also post live blogs and coverage here. And we’ll also use this page for the white paper and other content that comes out of the meeting.

While Day 2 will be an invitation-only closed-door working session, professionals across the healthcare industry are encouraged to register for Day 1, which will feature a series of presentations around the potential of disease interception for future health. The output of the Day 2 session, a white paper laying out a framework for next steps in creating a World Without Disease, will be available for all Day 1 attendees.

Day 1 will be split into four sections: “A vision for a World Without Disease”; “Recent breakthroughs”; “New initiatives pushing boundaries”; and “Scaling a World Without Disease”. Over the course of the day, attendees will hear from obesity expert and media personality Dr Giles Yeo, GRAIL President Sir Harpal Kumar, Evidation CEO Christine Lemke, Johnson & Johnson’s Dr Richard Insel, AstraZeneca’s Stefan Woström and Stefan Vlachos, and many more.

You can check out the full, up-to-date agenda, learn more about the venue, and register for the event at

A world without disease is possible, and much of the technology that will enable this future is already here. Join us in June at the Royal Society of Medicine to learn how you can be a part of making it a reality.

*The World Without Disease whitepaper is now available*

So, what would it actually mean to live in a world without disease? It would be a world where the causes of disease are understood, and prevention is built into the structure of our lives. 

A world like that could only be built by a broad coalition of experts and stakeholders coming to the table and offering their unique skills and vision.

In London in June, a cross-disciplinary group of scientists, CEOs, doctors, nurses, patients, pharmaceutical executives, and more sat down in a room to take the first steps. Organised by The Connected World Without Disease Accelerator, Innosight, and pharmaphorum, the focused, closed-door session was operated under Chatham House Rules, to allow attendees total freedom in expressing their views. 

The group generated strong directional ideas about the World Without Disease vision, and laid out some preliminary roadmaps for working towards the elimination of several important disease groups, as presented in this whitepaper.

World Without Disease

The World Without Disease Summit

The World Without Disease Summit
Delivering future health through disease interception

The Royal Society of Medicine
London, UK

21st June 2023