Envisioning a World Without Disease

Envisioning a World Without Disease - whitepaper

In June, pharmaphorum came together with the Connected World Without Disease Accelerator for the inaugural World Without Disease Summit, a two-day event that brought together stakeholders from across the healthcare world to discuss paradigm shifts in care to facilitate disease prevention and interception.

While Day One of the event was open to the public (you can read all about it in the pharmaphorum live blog), Day Two acted as an opportunity to do something a little different: in a closed-door meeting, a cross-section of healthcare stakeholders participated in a structured conversation under Chatham House Rules.

That conversation, moderated by representatives from Innosight, endeavoured to set attendees on a concrete path towards making the vision of a World Without Disease a reality. This whitepaper represents the key ideas that came out of the meeting, attributed not to specific participants, but to the group as a whole.

We hope it will inform, educate, and inspire you to do your own part in creating a World Without Disease.