Health Innovators Cytokinetics

Health Innovators – Fady Malik and Steve Heitner

In this instalment of Health Innovators, EiC Jonah Comstock sits down virtually with Fady Malik, EVP of research and development at Cytokinetics and Steve Heitner, the company’s VP of clinical rese

Reuters Pharma USA Maria Whitman

Reuters Pharma USA – Maria Whitman

At Reuters Pharma USA in March, ZS Associates' Maria Whitman sat down with pharmaphorum to discuss why it's time to reinvent pharma's marketing strategy

Live from Reuters Pharma USA 2023

Reuters Pharma USA – Kevin Hagan

Working in the pharma industry, it’s important to be aware of the impact of policies on all stakeholders, from industry colleagues, to payers and providers, and to patients – including low-