Deep Dive: Market Access 2024

Market Access
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In this edition of Deep Dive, Unpacking complex choreography in the biologics patent dance, Alexion examines the urgent need for accelerated access programmes for rare disease treatments, and Putnam Inizio Advisory details best practices for integrating market access considerations into biopharmaceutical asset investment decisions.

Plus, trace key moments in the development of value-based care, learn how the UK is tackling the threat of AMR, examine the cause and consequences surrounding ongoing ADHD drug shortages, and much more.

Chasing the holy grail of value-based healthcare
With healthcare costs spiralling upwards, a new approach is emerging: value-based care. Trace the history of this this transformative movement to find out how pioneers are flipping the script to achieve better outcomes for patients. 

Rare diseases: the urgent need for health equity and accelerated access
While rare diseases present complex challenges, there's a critical need for solutions. Alexion's Eunice Alvazzi explores how we can all work together to ensure access to innovative treatments for rare diseases

The biosimilars dance: how drugmakers game the US patent system
With blockbuster biologics set to lose patent protection by 2030, biosimilars offer a glimmer of hope. But, will complex patent strategies stand in the way? Deep Dive’s Eloise McLennan explore the intricate dance between innovation and affordability

The UK vs. superbugs: Combatting AMR on the homefront
Antimicrobial resistance has been hailed as one of the biggest pharma challenges in this century. So how are nations tackling this behemoth threat to public health? Nicole Raleigh spotlights the UK’s approach

Overcoming AMR market failure: Three start-up stories
We need new antibiotics to tackle the slow-brewing AMR crisis, but with little short term financial incentive to fuel innovation, few are willing to take the risk. Jonah Comstock talks to three tenacious start-ups tackling AMR in their own ways.

Integrating market access considerations into biopharmaceutical asset investment decisions
Explore how integrating market access insights from inception through clinical trials ensures both the efficacy and commercial success of new therapies as Putnam Inizio Advisory explore common pain points and best practices.

Mind the gap: What is causing the ongoing ADHD drug shortage?
Millions of patients rely on ADHD therapeutics to manage their symptoms, but supply disruptions have left many struggling to access their medication. Jonah Comstock delves into the complex causes and consequences of the ongoing shortages.

Heard on the pipeline: Access to medication
Join pharmaphorum’s Jonah Comstock as he grills industry experts at Reuters Pharma US on the systemic issues hindering medication access and affordability worldwide.

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