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We welcome content collaborations with individuals and organisations who share our passion for bringing healthcare together.

Please review the following guidelines for contributing and contact us as appropriate.


We publish daily news, covering the major global stories relevant to the pharmaceutical industry and its associated healthcare ecosystem. If you have a press release that you feel is relevant, please submit it to and it will be reviewed by the editorial team.

Please note that due to the volume of press releases received we will not respond unless we intend to cover the story and require further information. Press releases should not be sent to other email addresses – those that are will likely be missed or deleted.


Our articles feature a combination of in-house perspectives from our team of trained journalists and editors and interviews with / perspectives from external thought leaders. All articles must abide by our editorial guidelines and be genuine thought leadership, e.g. providing useful information and opinions, not overtly promoting products and services.

There are a number of ways to get involved:

Regular thought leaders: for individuals interested in contributing regular, exclusive thought leadership to pharmaphorum (e.g. monthly or quarterly), please contact the editorial team via Please note that we do not pay for such contributions – they are on a quid pro quo basis of good content from you in exchange for fantastic visibility provided by us as one of our regular thought leaders.

We are also open to working with external organisations managing communities, e.g. physician networks and patient networks, who can coordinate such regular content from within their communities.

Thought leader interviews / single pieces: for a one-off article in line with the above guidelines, or a prospective interview with an industry thought leader, please contact

Commercial content: if the primary purpose of an article is to promote a company’s products/services or partnership/career opportunities, then we can work with you to develop articles that fall within the above guidelines for thought leadership and also meet your objectives. Please review our media pack on the Advertise page for costs in this instance and contact for more information.

Other media

For all deeper media contributions (e.g. white papers, webinars, video, etc.) this is normally a commercial discussion, so we recommend reviewing the media pack on the Advertise page for costs and contacting

In certain circumstances, we may consider quid pro quo partnership on deeper media if you can deliver us additional audience (e.g. a commitment to promote your content on pharmaphorum to a sizeable and relevant audience) and/or provide high value unique content that cannot be found elsewhere. In such instances, please contact

Events and partner content

Partner content such as events, appointments, and other items can be posted directly to – for an account that allows this please contact For this type of content, we work directly with individual companies, as well as with PR agencies working on behalf of their clients.

If you are an events company seeking media partnership, please submit details of your event to If the event is deemed relevant we will contact you to confirm a simple media partnership (our logo and link on your event website in exchange for a listing on pharmaphorum) or to discuss a deeper media relationship. If you do not hear from us, then the event is not considered relevant for listing on pharmaphorum at this time.

Anything else?

We believe in the power of collective wisdom – bringing healthcare together to solve problems – so, if you have an idea for us, or potential collaboration not covered here, then please get in touch via