The World Without Disease: Live Coverage

The World Without Disease Summit live coverage

The inaugural World Without Disease Summit is finally here. During Wednesday 21st June, stay tuned to read the latest live blogging updates from out of The Royal Society of Medicine in London, directly bringing to those unable to attend what is explored during the day, including presentations from such speakers as: Professor Giles Yeo of the University of Cambridge, who discusses what the science says about obesity being a choice or not; from Astellas’ senior director of patient partnerships, Stephen Head, on how patient centricity can help with endeavours to bring the preventative approach to treatments and ‘sick care’; and listen to Daniel Zakowski on the journey to bringing Ready Set Food’s immersion therapy to families with infants and young children, aiming to reduce the proliferation of food allergies in recent years.

And that’s only the morning. During the afternoon, the conversations about pushing new boundaries with pre-emptive practices continue with CEO of Infinant Health’s Mike Johnson, discussing the role of the microbiome in early childhood, and Healthware Group’s Kristin Milburn – CMO and MD of publications, events, and digital health ecosystem – explaining how digital health can help facilitate the titular world without disease. There will also be snippets from Ken Ehlert, former chief scientific officer of UnitedHealth Group, who discusses the payer perspective, and from Christine Lemke, CEO of Evidation, on the role of real-world evidence on the disease-preventative path. After Josh Suskewicz, partner at Innosight, talks about the bringing to life of the vision and catalysation of systemic change, the closing comments will come from CWWDA’s founding partner, Ben Wiegand.

Although pharmaphorum readers and our podcast listeners have recently heard from 23andMe’s VP of genomic health, Dr Noura Abul-Husn, and from AstraZeneca’s Stefan Woxström, SVP Europe and Canada, and Stefan Vlachos, Head of Health Works, an AstraZeneca initiative focused on collaboration between healthcare, patients, and industry – do be sure to check in here for the news live from the event. The conversations are sure to bring insight and spark debate, ideas, and means for paradigmatic change.