Deep Dive: Patients and Partnerships 2023

Patients and partnerships 2023

Consent has long been a controversial and complex debate for pharma. While the industry has actively placed great emphasis on efforts to promote the patient voice as the heart of development efforts in recent years, the role and rights of patients in medical research have not always been so clear-cut. 

In this issue of Deep Dive, we explore one of the most famous cases of patient consent as we track the life and legacy of Henrietta Lacks and the HeLa Cell line. Plus, we take a look at the evolution of active patient inclusion in trials with the National Institute for Health Research, Lumanity discusses combining patient and provider engagement strategies to optimise business and health outcomes, and we examine Pfizer’s pioneering plan to introduce individual data sharing for US clinical trial participants.


Patients & Partnerships 2023 
Empowering lives, forging alliances: how impactful collaboration between patients and stakeholders paves the way for a healthier, more connected future.

Henrietta Lacks: The mother of modern medicine
When a young woman died in 1951, few could have predicted the impact her ‘immortal’ legacy would have on the world of modern medicine – least of all, her surviving family. Join us as we trace the rise of HeLa and one family’s fight for recognition.

The evolution of active patient inclusion in trials
NIHR’s Professor Melanie Davies sheds light on the evolving role of patients and how engaging with individuals before and during their healthcare pathway can lead to successful recruitment and retention in clinical trials.

“Any day now” is today: Pfizer pioneers individual data sharing
After long campaigns, patients in the US are starting to have the right to access clinical notes about them, with Pfizer leading the charge in individual data sharing for US clinical trial participants.

Get ready for a new wave in learning
Inizio Engage presents Nazare, a new learning and capability brand that combines science, creativity, and technology to create learning experiences that inspire lasting change in performance.

Synchronising experience and data
Resolving the productivity drain caused by operational planning within rapidly evolving departmental environments is a critical challenge for pharma stakeholders. Could a drastic reinvention of resource planning, assignment, and scheduling be the solution?

Intellectual property: Striking the balance
For many spin-outs and start-ups in the pharmaceutical space, a key step in getting their science into patients is teaming up with a larger pharmaceutical company. But how can both parties protect themselves and their intellectual property?

‘What If?’ Poetry as a platform for the patient voice
The power of the written word has long been heralded for its ability to move hearts and minds. For National Poetry Day, Sanofi tapped into this phenomenon with a poetry competition for patients. Nicole Raleigh reports from the event.  

Calculus’s Liz Klein: Investing in a changing landscape
In the ever-evolving realm of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, the intricate dance between innovation and investment shapes the trajectory of research and innovation, as Calculus Captial’s Liz Klein explains. 

Around the world in pharma events
Keep up to date with important industry events taking place across the pharmaceutical industry with this interactive guide to upcoming conferences around the world.


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