Patient Centricity to Integration: Enhancing Cancer Outcomes

Patient Centricity to Integration: Enhancing Cancer Outcomes

We are living in an era of unprecedented advances in cancer treatments with transformative therapies being regularly approved.

But the rewards of this R&D revolution need an evolution in how HCPs engage with their patients to ensure the full benefits of these breakthroughs can drive longer life, better quality of life and boost healthcare systems.

Listening to patients, understanding their perspectives, and integrating their voices into care plans are the keys to unlocking the maximum potential from existing and new therapies.

Research has also demonstrated how empathetic HCP-Patient relationships improve outcomes by establishing a strong platform for patients to take an active role in their treatment, and have a more positive perspective of their treatment journey.

Creating the environment for this to flourish will take an evidence-based education programme for HCPs that addresses the challenges of improving relationships with patients and provides actionable insights and skills. 

The White Paper Patient Centricity to Integration: Enhancing Cancer Outcomes frames the landscape with expert sector experience, patient survey insights and patient advocate views, including from Steve Clark, 10-year cancer survivor and founder of Strive for Five and Beyond; Lorna Warwick, CEO of the Lymphoma Coalition; and Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield, Professor of Pyscho-Oncology at Sussex Health Outcomes Research and Education in Cancer (SHORE-C) in the UK, and a world-renowned expert in HCP-patient communications.


The White Paper shows how Medscape’s additive patient-centric education, delivered alongside both disease- and treatment-centric education, can help HCPs further their ability to connect appropriately with individual patients.

Its holistic approach to advancing outcomes reveals routes to effectively integrate patient perspectives into cancer care as well as refining the language, tone, and timing of engagements to enable HCPs and patients to share better relationships that can enhance a multiplicity of important outcomes, both clinically and personally.

“The challenge in developing impactful patient-centric education is to apply HCP expertise and clinical practice to all the different patients our learners may meet and, in doing so, truly bring global patient voices to life,” says Dr Victoria Harvey-Jones, associate director, Clinical Strategy Oncology, who is leading the patient-centricity and integration initiative at Medscape.

“The aim of the education is to help people live better lives with cancer.”

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17 October, 2023