Deep Dive: Research and Development 2024

Deep Dive: Research and Development 2024

In this edition of Deep Dive, delve into the revolutionary world of genetic editing as we trace the development of CRISPR, discover why Alexion’s Soraya Bekkali believes now it the time to champion innovation that will help address unmet needs in rare diseases, and explore changing attitudes towards artificial intelligence at JP Morgan

Plus, learn about the transformative trends in clinical trials from UCB’s Dr Iris Loew-Friedrich, unravel the complexities of clinical supply management, and find out how blood donation centres are helping to address barriers in cell and gene therapies.

Decoding life: Key milestones in the CRISPR odyssey
Delve into the history of CRISPR as we explore pivotal moments on the journey from early discovery to becoming a revolutionary genetic editing tool shaping modern medicine.

Heard on the pipeline: AI in R&D
Beyond the hype of innovation, are attitudes towards artificial intelligence changing in the research space? Jonah Comstock surveyed attendees at the 42nd annual JP Morgan Health Conference to find out.

Accelerating innovation in rare diseases
Millions with rare diseases face a critical wait for diagnosis, care, and transformative treatments. Alexion's Soraya Bekkali explores how to accelerate access to these life-changing solutions.

The many trends reshaping clinical trials
Decentralisation, diversity, and digital tools are reshaping clinical research, accelerating access and fostering more inclusive trials. Deep Dive sat down with UCB’s Dr Iris Loew-Friedrich to learn more.

How cell and gene therapies are infusing blood centres with new purpose
Facing infrastructure roadblocks, the cell and gene therapy industry has found a potential solution in an unexpected place: blood donation centres. Jonah Comstock reports.

The backbone of breakthroughs: Insights into clinical trial supply management
Clinical supply management presents a complex web of challenges, from ensuring timely delivery of vital drugs to navigating intricate global regulations. But within this maze lie opportunities to accelerate the path to new treatments.

Setting the standard for sustainability in pharma
As the demand for pharmaceuticals grows, concerns about sustainability rise. But, efforts are underway to reconcile the industry’s life-saving mission with environmental, social, and governance responsibilities, as Samsung Biologics’ James Choi explains.

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