Deep Dive: Digital Health 2023

Deep Dive Digital Health 2023

In this issue of Deep Dive, AXON’s Silvia De Carvalho details how generative AI is ushering in a new era of expedited, data-driven clinical research, experts from Research Partnership discuss how artificial intelligence could impact future decision-making, and the pharmaphorum team detail key talking points from Frontiers Health 2023. 

Plus Lumanity experts discuss how to unlock key opinion leaders in the digital landscape, M3s’s Maxim Polyakov talks us through the need to evolve HCP communications, Viseven explores how to use content experience platforms in 2024, and managing director of PurpleLeaf Strategy, Daniel Kohlstaedt, details the value of simplicity in brand planning

Digital Health 2023 
Beyond boundaries: Navigating the digital frontier in healthcare 

Top 5 takeaways from Frontiers Health 2023
Frontiers Health 2023 spotlighted some of the most innovative and influential trends shaping healthcare today. Over three days, discussions spanned a variety of important topics, from AI to venture capital. Here, we present 5 key trends from this year’s event. 
Inside the first Digital Medicine & DTx Global Policy Summit
In early November, the inaugural Digital Medicine & DTx Global Policy Summit, part of Frontiers Health 2023, brought together experts, policymakers, to discuss best practices for DTx and digital medicine. Nicole Raleigh reports.  

Precision in practice: GenAI in clinical trials
With the buzz around generative AI growing at a rate of knots, it is no surprise that one of the most promising areas for the technology is in clinical trials, as AXON’s clinical studies lead, Silvia De Carvalho explains.

Unlocking key opinion leaders in the digital landscape
In healthcare communications, a holistic approach integrating the expertise of traditional KOLs with the digital fluency of DOLs is essential. Lumanity discusses how to identify the most appropriate opinion leaders for each communications initiative.

How to use content experience platforms in 2024
Pharma companies are increasingly leveraging content strategy platforms to generate compelling, tailored content with minimal effort and cost. Viseven’s Nataliya Andreychuk examines how such platforms can help to enhance data-driven decision making.  

How will artificial intelligence impact future decision-making?
AI’s advancement has begun to impact prescribing, particularly in addressing the growing challenge of antimicrobial resistance. To learn more Research Partnership surveyed its global payer network to find out more about healthcare in the age of AI.

How new technologies help keep brand planning simple
A brand plan should tell a story. However, today’s standard procedure for developing a plan adds unnecessary roadblocks to efficient and effective strategy development. Daniel Kohlstaedt, from PurpleLeaf Strategy discusses how to overcome these barriers to success.

The results are in: HCP communications need to evolve
To cut through the noise of today’s engagement landscape, hitting the right note first time is no longer optional, it is a necessity. Here, M3’s Maxim Polyakov examines survey results from EU5 HCPs to find out how communications needs are changing.

When AI intersects with human life: Navigating ethical terrain
To maximise its benefits and mitigate its threats, we must create a framework for AI’s responsible development and application, particularly in areas like fertility where the technology intersects with human life, writes Fairtility’s Eran Eshed.

Around the world in pharma events
Keep up to date with important industry events taking place across the pharmaceutical industry with this interactive guide to upcoming conferences around the world.

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