Research & Development 2023

Deep Dive Research and Development 2023

Deep Dive Research and Development 2023

While we may only be two months into 2023, amid growing pressure to justify high drug prices, address trial backlogs, manage staffing shortages, while continuing to develop lifesaving treatments for patients around the world, life sciences companies have certainly started the year off with a bang. But what does this mean for innovation in R&D? Read on for key stories, including how organ-on-a-chip technology is changing the way that drugs can be evaluated, efforts to champion diversity in clinical trials, and an inside look at key R&D trends straight from the mouths of industry leaders.

Research & Development 2023 
New year, new rules. So, what does 2023 have in store for pharma R&D?

The coming of age of organ-on-a-chip technology
Growing miniature organs in a lab may have been a staple of science fiction, but with the rise of organoids and organ chips, the concept is quickly becoming science fact in drug R&D 

12 questions with: Dr Michelle Longmire 
From table-climbing bulldogs to how team sports helped to prepare her for a CEO role, Dr Michelle Longmire gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her work and world

Webinar: Partnering with NHS in a crisis
In this interactive webinar, sponsored by IQVIA, experts will explore the critical role for mutually beneficial partnership between the pharmaceutical industry and the NHS 

Into the bowels of gut research
IBD affects millions of patients around the world, but Verily’s Dr Amy Abernethy believes a holistic approach to data collection help to unlock secrets of these conditions

Plotting the way forward on clinical trials 
Addressing pharma’s clinical trial diversity problem is a complex challenge. Pharmaphorum editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock spoke with experts from across the industry who are doing the work to learn what it’s going to take to make real progress.

Video: What’s next for oncology research?
pharmaphorum editor-in-chief, Jonah Comstock discusses key trends in cancer R&D with SVP and head of oncology at AstraZeneca, Mohit Manrao

Webinar: Are pharma companies ready for digital natives?
In an upcoming event, experts from Healthware International, Grünenthal Group, and EVERSANA INTOUCH will explore how to move beyond the digital native myth towards true digital enlightenment

Heard on the pipeline: what’s next for pharma R&D?
To find out more about this year’s key challenges and opportunities, Deep Dive went straight to the experts to ask: What are the biggest pharma R&D trends to watch in 2023?

Around the world in pharma events
Keep up to date with important industry events taking place across the pharmaceutical industry with this interactive guide to upcoming conferences around the world


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