Fixing clinical trial data management

pharmaphorum podcast episode 121

It’s 2024, and in most clinical trials, data is still being moved from the EHR to the EDC manually – with employees reading data from one screen and typing it onto another. How did we get here? And how do we get past it?

On today’s pharmaphorum podcast, host Jonah Comstock speaks with Iddo Peleg, CEO of Yonalink, about these very questions.

They discuss the difficulty of innovating in an extremely risk-averse industry like pharma, the downsides of manual data capture, and some of the difficulties involved in automating that data transfer, including difficulties in dealing with the different systems in different countries.

And they talk about what clinical trials could look like once this situation is rectified and the benefits to costs, data quality, and quality of life for researchers. Finally, there’s a broader discussion of real-world evidence and the future of data in clinical trials.

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