Perspectives on oncology personalised healthcare: Ruth March

In the final run up to publication of our first round table video debate on advances in personalised healthcare, Paul Tunnah talks to Ruth March, AstraZeneca’s Head of Personalised Healthcare and Biomarkers, to hear what impact this area is having on how pharmaceutical companies conduct research and commercialisation.

This media accompanies the round table video debate ‘Oncology shaping the future of personalised healthcare‘, sponsored by AstraZeneca.

Ahead of the round table video debate ‘Oncology shaping the future of personalised medicine’, pharmaphorum will be releasing individual video interviews with the four expert participants. Here, Paul Tunnah speaks with Ruth March, AstraZeneca’s lead in this space, where we discuss why personalised healthcare is good for pharma and patients, how it is changing business process and where the most exciting advances are being made.

(interview conducted July 2013)


0’25” – Why is personalised healthcare so important for the pharma industry?

1’15” – What does personalised healthcare offer to patients?

1’54” – How is personalised healthcare changing the drug development process?

2”33″ – How does big pharma best collaborate with diagnostics companies?

3’01” – How do people get involved in personalised healthcare research?

3’46” – What therapeutic areas are driving personalised healthcare?

4’19” – Will personalised healthcare be the standard approach in the future?

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About the interviewee:

Ruth March is VP and Head of Personalised Healthcare & Biomarkers at AstraZeneca. This function includes over 100 experts in diagnostic and biomarker science. The function works with teams in all therapy areas and phases of development to select the right patients for treatment, increase success rates and deliver life-changing medicines to patients.

Ruth has more than ten years’ experience in the field of Personalised Healthcare. She has been instrumental in driving over 80% of AstraZeneca’s drug projects to adopt Personalised Healthcare approaches. Previous to this Ruth spent ten years in immunology and genetics research at the Universities of London, Oxford and Brunel.

Ruth has published extensively in the field of pharmacogenetics and Personalised Healthcare, has eight granted biomarker patents and is a member of several expert advisory boards.

To read more about Ruth and her thoughts on personalised medicine please visit:

AstraZeneca LabTalk – Ruth March