Is pharma brand marketing dead or has it just arrived?

As the pharma industry scrutinizes every aspect of its operations in the drive for greater efficiency, the processes behind marketing have so far seen little impact. But now, with fewer new drugs achieving blockbuster status and market access holding the key to success, Kantar Health asks whether its time has come. Is pharma brand marketing dead?

Despite the rapidly evolving nature of pharmaceutical industry brand engagement, driven by external forces such as market access and the digital revolution, marketing processes have been slow to evolve. So while other pharma departments, including sales and research, have had to embrace change, brand marketing still focusses on experiential-based historic market research and outdated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Now that pharma marketing is coming under pressure to deliver better results for new products, with equivalent or less resource, it also needs to adapt, begging the question of whether pharma brand marketing is dead? In this exclusive white paper, Kantar Health explains how marketing can adapt to incorporate newer ‘access’ and ‘execution’ factors alongside ‘experience’, to be more forward-looking and take advantage of unrealized brand opportunity.

Read this white paper from Kantar Health to understand:

• Why pharma brand marketing must evolve to survive

• How ‘access’ and ‘execution’ are of equal important to experience.

• How to integrate a more forward-looking approach into marketing plans, to exploit unrealized brand opportunity.

• A roadmap for brand marketing success.

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