Transform patient experience with intelligent hyper-personalisation

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Transform patient experience

Since 2019, pharmaceutical companies have been speeding to integrate digital channels and processes into their marketing efforts and patient outreach, to prepare for the wave of digitisation in the healthcare industry.

As part of these efforts, customer experience (CX) became a key focus area to ensure customer engagement and loyalty. Significant strides have been made by the industry when it comes to embedding forward-thinking practices into its strategic marketing goals with healthcare professionals (HCPs).

The objective is simple – to meet the benchmarks of CX set by HCPs interactions with companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon.

However, such experiences are impacted by each and every touchpoint with a brand and optimising these touchpoints matters. HCPs who are fully satisfied with their journey of a particular drug are twice as likely to prescribe it, according to one survey of 600 immunologists in Europe and the US.

But, while pharma is rapidly embracing a digital transformation – both its own and responding to the needs of increasingly digital health services, these learnings are yet to be applied to patient experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly accelerated a significant shift in patients’ expectations for digitally supported healthcare. It is also challenging pharma organisations to quickly adopt patient-centricity in an intelligent, hyper-personalised and impactful way.

This requires the best of all worlds to transform more than just patient support programmes; it needs a technology-powered transformation of strategy, design, execution and intelligent optimisation, underpinned by a concerted focus on data and analytics.

The white paper Transform patient experience with intelligent hyper-personalisation examines some of the key ways in which pharma companies can transform patient experience by identifying, meeting and exceeding expectations.

It discusses why patient experience remains an (old) new frontier for pharma and looks at how patient expectations have evolved. With COVID-19 forcing patient support programmes to break the mould, the publication presents some clear, practical steps to creating successful patient support programmes and making patient-centricity a reality.

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