Pharma’s roadmap for successful online engagement with HCPs

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EPG Whitepaper

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) rate websites as their number one source for clinical practice information and mobile technology has cemented this, with half of HCPs accessing such resources from a smartphone on a daily basis.

But websites are not ranked as highly by pharmaceutical companies, for whom they’re just the fourth most important channel, coming after medical meetings, sales representatives and key opinion leaders.

Consequently, there is a major opportunity for the industry to realign its priorities and in the process provide value to HCPs, while also gaining their trust, through the provision of authoritative content.

A new white paper from EPG Health, Accomplish Meaningful HCP Engagement Online - The Art of Delivering Valuable Customer Journeys Aligned to Your Key Messages, provides a roadmap for pharmaceutical companies that want to better engage with HCPs on their own or third party websites.

Underpinned by EPG Health’s stakeholder research, the publication examines how to engage HCPs - and what technology can be used for this.

Accomplish Meaningful HCP Engagement Online also outlines some fundamental considerations for giving HCPs the content they need and will value when, where and how they need it. It also identifies how pharma can excel at this.

There are sections on personalising medical content for HCPs, developing content journeys and ensuring that content has been constructed for easy digital consumption.

As part of this, the white paper also looks at how meaningful metrics can be developed for pharmaceutical companies’ digital content and how they can be aligned with educational messages and the right KPIs built in.

The blueprint advises against viewing digital in isolation and considers how it can be effectively integrated within a wider multichannel marketing programme for even more meaningful engagement.

HCPs’ expectations for online interactions in their professional lives are shaped by their experiences with websites, technologies and devices in their personal lives from sectors such as retail and banking. Today, HCPs want relevant, convenient, seamless and personalised content journeys from online clinical resources.

Download: Accomplish Meaningful HCP Engagement Online - The Art of Delivering Valuable Customer Journeys Aligned to Your Key Messages