Wilmington Healthcare launches new platform to map the formulary

Healthcare intelligence provider Wilmington Healthcare has launched a new platform that enables pharma companies to develop a clear picture of formulary status across therapy areas and territories in the UK.


Known as InFormulary XD, the solution uses a unique blend of data and real-world evidence to provide an objective view of the status of a product by indication, on formularies and within guidelines.


Users can drill down into NHS localities within defined territories to gain a more detailed view of how their products are performing in primary and secondary care and better understand the challenges where formularies overlap.


The tool’s grading system also enables companies to clearly see where their brands sit on formularies and benchmark their performance against the competition using a wealth of data and insight.


In addition, the platform can be used to connect formulary information with other data sources, such as key stakeholder databases and NHS documents associated with product indication and target formularies.


Armed with data and insights from the platform, pharma can create compelling go-to-market plans to improve or maintain market position, monitor progress and keep abreast of formulary changes at a glance.


Gareth Thomas, Managing Director of Wilmington Healthcare, said: “The formulary landscape is not only multi-layered and complex, it is also changing quickly as the NHS adopts the integrated care models outlined in the Long-term Plan. This means that formulary data must be regularly reviewed and updated.


“Our new InFormulary XD enables customers to build and maintain a comprehensive view of a product’s formulary status in the UK in real-time and benchmark its performance against the competition. This level of insight, combined with related stakeholder data, gives companies a real competitive advantage in everything from strategic planning, budgeting and resourcing to customer targeting.”