What do patients want? Find out at EuHIC 2018

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‘Living with disease everyday leads me to be my best expert. Nothing about me without me!’ Achim Kautz, Leberhilfe Projekt gUG, Cologne, Germany gUG, Cologne, Germany

What do patients want? An effective cure? A positive relationship with their healthcare professionals? To fully understand their diagnosis and treatment plan? This is a broad question, but an important one.

Patients not only use healthcare as a product, but they pay for it, too. They are the end users and consumers, and as such, their wants and needs much be considered—you wouldn’t expect to go to a restaurant and have the chef assume your choice of dish. At EuHIC 2018 Berlin, our 100% patient panel will explore what patients want.

Richard Stephens, patient, NCRI Consumer Forum chair and Research Involvement and Engagement joint editor-in-chief, will be leading this session. With a wealth of knowledge, Richard strongly believes that patients are at the centre of healthcare, and everyone else should help them cope with their situation. He should know, being a survivor of two cancers and a heart emergency.

Max is a UK-based biomedical science student whose past encounter with testicular cancer led to him working to raise disease awareness, for which he has won awards.

Travelling from the Netherlands, Marleen is a EUPATI fellow, patient expert and the founder and president of PSC Patients Europe. She has special interests in rare diseases, paediatrics and health technology assessment, as well as transplant-related topics, patient empowerment and involving the patient in all stages of medicine R&D.

Katerina is the vice president of the Hellenic League Against Rheumatism and the Greek representative for EULAR PARE. Her work includes raising awareness for rheumatic diseases across Europe and enhancing healthcare delivery by improving cooperation between patients, doctors and different medical specialities.

What to expect

  1. What do patients (and carers) want?

  2. How do we know what patients want?

  3. What progress are we making in getting what we want?

  4. What needs to happen next

It’s not often that a healthcare conference has a patient-only team to discuss such an important topic. This event really is not to be missed.