Social Health: The Future of Healthcare Marketing

With advertisers preparing to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are increasingly (and carefully) engaging trusted health social influencers to connect more authentically with consumers.

As pharma starts to leverage a multitude of high-engagement channels like influencer marketing, online communities and virtual health services, the industry finds itself in a unique position to reimagine traditional direct-to-consumer (DTC) efforts and peer-to-peer communication. That means going beyond TV ad celebrities or one-off Instagram relationships limited to short-term PR value.

When it comes to motivating consumers to take action with their health, and especially inspiring people to speak to a doctor, pharma needs to be thinking about new ways not just to reach patients but to activate them.

Enter social health

Social health—the digital means by which health consumers engage with each other and their health—has broad applications for the healthcare industry overall. To learn more, read the full article on