Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology

SMi are delighted to have interviewed the Chair for 2018: Sune Klint Andersen, Principal Scientist, Janssen, for Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology 2018!

Sune Klint Andersen:

Sune’s main interests and professional experience include development of drying processes for drug products, drug substances, intermediates, and excipients for both R&D and industrial scale purposes as well as application of quality-by-design in drying processes, validation and qualification of spray dryers, advantages & disadvantages of spray vs freeze drying processes, continuous manufacturing and enabling technologies for drug products. He has given several presentations on international courses and published articles on the above subjects.

He has been with Janssen since April 2017 and previously, 10 years at Novo Nordisk and 8 years with GEA Niro A/S.

Sune also holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering – Nanoparticle Technology and MBA in Management & Technology

Snapshot of Interview:

Q. How is Janssen involved in Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology?

A. “Janssen Pharmaceutica uses freeze drying technology for biopharmaceuticals. The technology has been in use for many years for several injectable products and with a good track record.”

Q. What technology has really appealed in the past couple of years?

A. “Three technologies. 1) Continuous freeze drying technology, where there are some promising technologies underway, which might really improve capacity, 2) Electrospinning, which uses an electrical field to provide nanostructures and can carry out the drying at room temperature, and 3) Spray Freeze Drying, where the particle control from spray drying is combined with the low temperature from freeze drying.”

Q. Which markets are Janssen looking to collaborate with in the future?

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Keynote Address:

As well as chairing the two day conference, Sune will also be presenting:

‘QbD in Spray Drying vs Lyophilisation’ | Day 2 @09:10

Below is a summary of his presentation:

– Quality-by-Design strategies for drying processes
– Typical sources of variation for lyophilization and spray drying processes
– Timing/conditions for initiating QbD for drying processes
– Applying PAT in drying process QbD

Not only this, check out the exclusive panel discussion on:

‘The Future of Novel Technology for Predicting Cycles Within the Lyophilisation Field’ | Day 2 @15:20

Panellists include: NIBSC | BioPharma Process Systems | Sanofi-Aventis R&D

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SMi presents the 6th annual conference:

Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology
Date: 13th – 14th June 2018
Workshops: 12th June 2018
Location: Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, London UK


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