2nd mRNA Quality Control & Compliance Summit

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The 2nd mRNA Quality Control & Compliance Summit 2024 returns this June 25-27 (Boston, MA), as the sole industry-centred forum dedicated to showcasing technical data and thought-provoking discussions on all aspects of mRNA quality and compliance to equip mRNA leaders with the means to safeguard faster mRNA drug approvals in line with regulatory expectations.

Reuniting industry experts in quality control, quality assurance, analytical development, and CMC, we will navigate tangible best practices towards optimized documentation, discuss verification processes for platform methods and navigate method validation to develop high quality, durable and effective therapies that have better chance of approvals. Take a look at the event guide to discover the ground-breaking insights available.

With world-class speakers from the likes of CureVac, Intellia Therapeutics, Zipcode Bio, Tessera Therapeutics, and many more, join this technical forum alongside 80+ global attendees for actionable insights to remain at the forefront of advances in mRNA quality control and ensure compliance whilst streamlining your pipelines towards cost-effective and superior quality mRNA medicines for patients in need.

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10 May, 2024