Capturing MSL Field Insights

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Even the first seemingly simple step of the MSL Field insight cycle – capturing actual insights into a system – has many more subtleties and complexities when you really start getting into it.

For example, your system must take into account all of the following, even when doing something simple like “capturing insights”.

Can you combine unprompted and prompted insights from the same interaction?

During a meeting with a KOL/HCP you might first discuss questions based on a predefined survey, but what about other nuggets of knowledge picked up in conversation? Ideally you should be able to simultaneously add these as additional free-text insights tagged to the same interaction.

Can you easily capture insights broken up into their smallest building blocks?

A single HCP conversation can often yield multiple insights – your system should allow you to easily break up and submit such insights as small discrete building blocks of knowledge.

Can the system automatically assign the right levels of data privacy controls to the insight?

Depending on the country or the situation in which the insight was collected, you might not be able to assign the insight to a named HCP or capture additional details about the insight/interaction. Your system should automatically guide you through the right workflow, ensuring zero-risk compliance.

Can you capture insights anytime?

Capturing insights online and offline through any device can be a valuable feature, enabling MSLs to input insights on the go wherever and whenever they can.

Can you gather insights from multiple disparate sources, in a unified manner?

What do you get from speaking with KOLs at an advisory board? Insights of course! A competent system should enable you to capture insights in a cohesive, unified approach – no matter what the source. Imagine the analytical power of that.

The above are just some of the issues that must be considered if you are to create a strong and efficient process for capturing every single valuable insight.

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