Easy access to accurate customer reference data: the key to customer interaction and commercial success

Making the most out of commercial opportunities while ensuring a strict level of compliance go hand-in-hand with having a reliable and up-to-date customer database. – Accurate customer reference data also saves time and money, not to mention brand reputation with a well prepared field sales force.

What should be simple, every day scenarios for a field rep setting up client meetings and calling on customers can go very wrong if the rep a company is working from an inaccurate customer database. Outdated information about healthcare professionals and organizations results in wasted time and effort, along with a general feeling of embarrassment on behalf of those involved when it goes wrong. This leaves an image of unprofessionalism to the customer, negatively impacting a company’s brand reputation.

With the wrong data management system in place any resulting attempts to update customer information can be a struggle, which in turn will lead to a growing distrust in the data from users.

So what is the solution?

A current, accurate, and comprehensive customer database that is accessible in real time from a variety of devices in any location is the the solution to the problem.

Equipping sales reps with up-to-date customer information maximizes productivity and increases efficiency, which is good for the rep and for the business as a whole. And, by erroneous calls and visits to outdated contacts, reps avoid any unprofessional representation to their customer. Additionally, quality data will increase the reps’ confidence in their CRM system, driving increased user adoption.

The end result is an increase in commercial effective as reps focus their time and effort on what truly matters – interacting with the right customers, at the right time, and in the right way.

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