EVERSANA taps Adobe Firefly in quest to ‘pharmatise’ GenAI

Adobe Firefly

EVERSANA has taken another step forwards in its effort to put generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) at the heart of the pharma industry’s processes.

The commercial services specialist has said it will use Adobe Firefly for Enterprise, the tech giant’s GenAI platform that was launched in March, to generate personalised content for “patients, providers, and payers across the brand lifecycle.”

It’s the second major deal for pharmaphorum parent company EVERSANA in the GenAI space within the last few months, coming after it formed a wide-ranging alliance with Amazon Web Services to develop tools for medical and regulatory review processes, patient assistance, and education programmes, and more.

In a statement, EVERSANA said Adobe Firefly will be integrated into its InTouch platform, its entry point for strategic planning and consulting services, market research, market access planning, creative, content development, medical communications, and social media, web, and mobile development.

It will also help to power EVERSANA Orchestrate, an omnichannel solution focused on amplifying brand impact in order to drive sales and patient outcomes.

The deal is something of a fillip for Adobe Firefly, coming shortly after the tech company said it was working to build use of the GenAI by large business customers. Adobe’s own efforts concentrate on offering it as part of its Adobe Express, a graphic design tool to help businesses create images and content.

There is already widespread belief that GenAI will revolutionise how organisations operate, with a recent poll finding that 86% of IT leaders believe it will be used to drive efficiency and innovation in the near future.

In pharma, it is thought that it could introduce changes across the board, from drug discovery through clinical development to sales and marketing. Highly technical industries like pharma need bespoke solutions, however, and EVERSANA is among providers working on the tools to meet that need.

“Today marks another measurable step forwards in our vision to ‘pharmatise’ the power of AI," said EVERSANA's chief executive, Jim Lang.

“Generative AI has revolutionised how our teams deliver value every day to clients and their patients,” he added. "Firefly for Enterprise accelerates our brand creative development workflows, so we can rapidly generate on-brand visuals that create better, more memorable personalised experiences for patients.”

Adobe’s head of digital media marketplaces and business customers, Claude Alexandre, said the alliance would help EVERSANA “transform their content supply chains” and “enable their marketing and creative teams to take full advantage of the power of generative AI so they can efficiently and effectively provide even more impactful outcomes for the clients they serve.”