Oncology Forecasting Training In Boston by J+D Forecasting

Pharma Forecasting
18/10/2019 - 18/10/2019

The Oncology Forecasting Training Course

A face-to-face oncology-specific forecasting training course that develops your ability to forecast oncology products in an effective, robust and insightful manner. Learn alongside like-minded individuals from other organisations for 1 day.

Course Benefits

  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of oncology forecasting
  • Engaging debate and discussion with course leaders and fellow participants
  • Become a better forecaster through insight into key forecasting steps
  • Learn through practise via case studies and exercises
  • Access to theHub to continue your learning
  • Access to Onco+, the world’s only oncology-specific forecasting software, in advance, during and post workshop

Topics Covered

Key forecasting principles
Overview of market definition methodologies
Specific focus on patient flow approach – commonly used in Oncology
Modelling patient dynamics
Trending and Eventing
Data generation and management

Who is the course aimed at?

Our oncology training workshops are suitable for anyone involved in forecasting an oncology product,
either in development or already launched. This can include those who are creating the forecast
models, managing the data, inputting the assumption and/or reviewing the final forecast.

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