3rd Annual Bioprocessing Summit Europe

Cambridge Healthtech Institute
24/03/2020 - 26/03/2020
Barcelona, Spain

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Cell Culture to Bioproduction conference examines the strategies that lead to greater productivity when cultivating cells and scaling up production. Emerging research and technologies are breathing new life into bioproduction, especially with genomic research and CRISPR engineering. Also, predictive technologies, such as PAT and DoE, have changed the way scientists develop methods and assess risks. In all, the conference explores how to increase productivity, while minimizing time and cost in order to provide the materials needed to create tomorrow’s biopharmaceuticals.

The foundations of protein production will be explored in Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Cell Line Development to Protein Expression conference. What are the steps needed to develop a productive cell line that meets project goals? Each protein and each expression system is different, so which is best to use? This conference will examine the steps that are necessary to establish productive cell lines that ensure robust expression to support the industry’s growing needs.

Continuous bioprocessing is an efficient way for companies to improve productivity and facility utilization. But what are the practical considerations to consider, which technology gaps still remain, and how can industry ensure process control and stability at scale?

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Continuous Processing for Biopharmaceuticals conference focuses on the practical challenges of developing, integrating and implementing continuous processing across upstream and downstream processing. Key topics include continuous process development from perfusion to purification, process control, robustness and monitoring, viral safety, cost analysis and ramping up production for commercialization, all in line with international regulations.

As product pipelines diversify away from traditional mAbs, downstream processing teams are under increasing pressure to develop new recovery and purification platforms for more complex products, such as bispecifics, ADCs, viral vectors, while at the same time reducing timelines, costs and bottlenecks for traditional mAbs therapies.

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Advances in Recovery and Purification conference brings together industry and academia to discuss the latest developments in the capture, recovery and purification of biotherapeutics – mAb and non-mAb – with data-driven case studies on next-generation technologies and strategies in affinity chromatography, clarification, depth filtration, automation, HTPD, new membranes, flocculation, as well as DSP strategies for emerging modalities, such as fragments, bispecifics, gene therapies and vaccines. How do your strategies compare?

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Cell Therapy CMC and Manufacturing conference takes an in-depth look at the practical challenges facing the manufacture and characterization of autologous and allogenic cell-based therapies, with dedicated sessions on emerging analytical methods, flexible CMC strategies, product release, cell processing, scalability, bioreactors, next-generation production technologies, automation, closed systems, supply chain and facility design.

Robust and cost-effective viral vector characterization and manufacturing presents a core challenge in the commercialization of gene therapies with pressure mounting on CMC, analytical and manufacturing teams to keep up with accelerated development times and cost pressures.

CHI’s Gene Therapy CMC and Manufacturing conference examines the critical challenges facing the production, characterization and quality control of vector-based gene therapies, with dedicated sessions on rapid CMC development, product and process characterization, upstream and downstream bioprocessing and considerations for large-scale manufacturing.

Bioprocessing Summit Europe is excited to announce the launch of a new conference stream dedicated to the Analytical Characterisation of Biotherapeutics. We bring together leading scientists from the biopharmaceutical industry, academia and government to discuss novel characterisation methods, tools and technologies. Join us in Barcelona to improve your analytical strategies across all phases of development and production.

This inaugural conference brings together leading industry experts to advance formulation, stability and aggregation studies in the production of traditional and novel biotherapeutics. Exploring the latest methods, technologies and solutions being employed to overcome your most pressing challenges. We invite you to join us in Barcelona to share best practices with like-minded peers.