Pricing and Market Access Outlook 2018

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This year’s edition of Pricing and Market Access Outlook, our first as IQVIA, identifies a trend towards models that reward value and outcomes.

Our experts offer in-depth insights, analysis, and predictions to help pharmaceutical and life sciences companies facilitate better human health outcomes through more efficient pricing and market access models.

Download the report to discover the five key themes we believe have the potential to drive your business in the coming year:

  • The value of patient-reported outcomes in health technology assessments (HTAs) varies by country, therapy area, and product, but robust PRO strategies are increasingly important for your success
  • Using innovative funding models, such as risk-sharing schemes and outcomes-based agreements, to drive access to expensive, breakthrough treatments
  • Rethinking pricing strategies in line with increasing pressure for greater transparency
  • Meeting the challenges and opportunities of an accelerated regulatory framework head on
  • As the U.S. biosimilars market expands, how will originators protect their brands and what impact will current legal battles have on future interchangeability?