4 ways emerging pharma companies can harness marketing content

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4 ways emerging pharma companies can harness marketing content

Rapid creation of compliant marketing content is increasingly important and there are ways emerging pharma companies can stay ahead of the game - despite having fewer resources than bigger firms.

A new pharma marketing content ebook from Veeva looks at best practices for building a content foundation that can enable long-term growth.

It explains how to launch, scale faster, and improve the time to marker for localised, compliant content with cloud-based content management.

Establishing the right content model early on is particularly important in the context of COVID-19, given the way that increased levels of digital healthcare professional (HCP) engagement have created a need for marketers to produce more personalised content, faster.

Emerging pharma companies therefore need to enable sustained and rapid content creation at scale.

The pharma marketing content ebook lays out four ways to get the ball rolling and ensure companies are building a long-term content foundation that can scale with their business:

  • Establish a single source of truth for all content stakeholders
  • Enable fast-track medical, legal, and regulatory reviews with automation
  • Maximise content impact through omnichannel delivery
  • Measure performance and adjust content strategy as needed

It also covers the key requirements for effective content management, including speed, compliance, omnichannel and gathering insights.

With the right content foundation in place, companies will be able to support the commercial team’s launch efforts with greater speed and efficiency, while having the flexibility to reuse content and experiment with new commercial strategies down the line.

• Read the Build the Right Content Foundation for Long-Term Growth ebook from Veeva in full