Three trends driving the next frontier in healthcare

A review of some of the cutting-edge start-ups and key themes that were evident at the Frontiers Health event.

It is surprising in this age of digital transformation that the healthcare industry continues to lag behind other sectors. We still rely mostly on the traditional doctor-patient relationship and mainstream medicines.

However, things are changing, thanks to technological breakthroughs and new, disruptive ways of thinking. This evolutionary process was the focus of the second Frontiers Health event – a meeting positioned at the convergence of technology and innovations in medicine.

So what trends were evident at the Frontiers Health meeting? pharmaphorum was there to find out and our review is presented in Deep Dive: Digital II.

The healthcare start-up scene is exploding around the world. Since the mid-2000s, investment in the sector has grown steadily, with record funding totals being surpassed year on year.

Frontiers Health spotlighted some of the most innovative companies currently disrupting healthcare, giving start-ups the opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors and pharma executives in dedicated Start-up Discovery sessions, as well as offering the people behind them the opportunity to take to the stage to share their ideas with event attendees.

In 2017, the number of digital health investments totalled over 300 and more and more big pharma names are starting to foster younger companies in the market.

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