The honest broker in market access

In Deep Dive: Market Access II, Eric Low shares his views on why hurdles remain to new drug access – and how medical research charities can lead the way in multi-stakeholder research collaborations to drive uptake of new therapies.

Despite admirable efforts from all stakeholders, the issues standing in the way of access to new innovative medicines remain. The steps that have been made towards finding win-win solutions seem very small compared to the time, effort and resources invested over many years.

It’s hard to single out any one stakeholder group for specific blame. The industry is, of course, always in the firing line. Rightly so, in some respects, but maybe not in others. It has been supremely successful at working within the rules set by governments, while also following the ‘make the most money possible’ mandate required by investors and, indeed, by the public whose pension funds are invested in the pharmaceutical industry.

It’s only recently that these rules have begun to change, especially in the UK, where price, in the form of commercial-in-confidence discounts, is being used to control everything.

Points covered in the article include:

  • HTA should be embedded into the whole drug development cycle.
  • Patient advocacy groups should encourage medical research funders to change the criteria by which clinical trials are prioritised and approved.
  • The UK is perfectly placed to create multi-stakeholder research collaborations to help generate better data.

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