Spotlight on - The Future of Oncology Clinical Trials

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We present the latest insight and analysis of the rapidly evolving field of cancer therapeutics and immuno-therapy, with a particular focus on what current innovation exists and means for the future of this critical area of medicine.

With a pipeline of as many as 600 oncology related treatments in the works, the next decade will see the pharmaceutical industry and its research partners face challenges in turning a range of promising scientific ideas into safe, effective medicines to extend the lives of cancer patients.

As tumour definitions become more granular, and treatments more specific and personalised, a new array of challenges are coming into view, central to which is evolving the clinical trial process, while remaining cost-effective.

Spotlight on the Future of Oncology Clinical Trials is a combination of resources jointly developed by pharmaphorum and IQVIA to explore how these challenges can be met, by drawing on insights from IQVIA’s experts. This includes in-depth discussion of the latest innovations, best new approaches to trial management, processes and technology to help focus decision-making and speed development times.

The Future of Oncology Clinical Trials: Insight & Analysis

Illuminating Immuno-oncology

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