Five practical steps to patient centricity

How can pharma marketers put patients at the centre of product strategy and help improve their conditions? And which companies are developing truly patient-centred support and services? Shai Blackwell and Oliver Childs from Anatomy Health step away from the crystal ball and get pragmatic in the current issue of pharmaphorum’s magazine, Deep Dive: Patient Centricity II .

Better and cheaper treatments are always needed. But demonstrably better value is needed, too – value that comes not simply through unit cost, but from wider patient experience and outcomes. Pharma needs to provide this value in order to succeed in the brave new patient-centred world.

But what’s sometimes missing from these future-gazing discussions and thought pieces is concrete, practical guidance. What can you do now to be more patient centric and value driven?

Points covered include:

  • Language is key: Patient centricity starts with developing information, services and support that meet the health literacy needs of your audience.
  • HCPs are the gateway: A cohesive patient support strategy must include a detailed plan of how you are going to sell-in your support services to HCPs and the wider healthcare system.
  • Shift from a product to solution mindset: The ultimate aim of a solutions-led model is about bringing an outcome to the market, not just a treatment.

Read their five-point guide in the full article.

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