Editor’s voice: July – top ten most viewed articles

Rebecca Aris


pharmaphorum’s Managing Editor, Rebecca Aris identifies the pharmaphorum articles that were read the most in the month of July.

This month I’d like to turn my article around and, instead of sharing some of my personal article highlights from the past month, I’d like to share with you some of yours.

From reviewing the traffic, we’ve identified the top ten most viewed articles during July and it’s interesting to see which pieces were viewed the most. Without further ado, here are the top ten…

Top ten most viewed articles in July

• Our tenth most viewed article in July dates back to March 2010 and is on the topic of market access. Market access challenges driving pharma change is still popular, even over two years after publication.

“Our tenth most viewed article in July dates back to March 2010 and is on the topic of market access…”

• Back in September 2010 we ran a series by Rob Walsh, which looked at the history of the pharmaceutical industry and the individual big pharma companies. The first piece ‘A history of: The pharmaceutical industry’ still gets a huge number of daily views. It remains our ninth most popular article. Owing to its popularity we’ll be seeing a return of the series soon, penned by pharmaphorum’s Assistant Editor, Hannah Blake.

• We recently asked you to nominate those who you believed to be a top innovator in pharma. We are running a series on the top ten most popular innovators. Our eighth most popular piece of content this month was one of our top ten innovators – Rob Müller of Roche Diagnostics. Rob was nominated by his peers for his trailblazing efforts in social media.

Angela Dunn interviewed Tomasz Sablinski on innovation and crowd sourcing in clinical trials. The piece was clearly well received, as it was our seventh most read article in July.

• Rich Meyer recently started writing some great content for us, his article, Consumer use of social media in healthcare was our sixth most read piece this month.

• A lot of discussion and buzz surrounded Rodica Ceslov’s article, Social media challenges and benefits for pharmaceutical companies, resulting in it becoming our fifth most viewed article in July.

• Lynn Crowe of Sanofi was another of our top ten pharma innovators. The article we published on her was our fourth most viewed this month. Lynn was nominated for being an amazing champion of patients.

• Our Assistant Editor, Hannah Blake recently attended the recent ‘Social media in the pharmaceutical industry’ event, organised by SMi. Her written overview of the event proved to be popular as it proved to be our third most viewed article this month. Well done Hannah!

“Michael Spitz’s monthly mashup series is proving to be as well received as ever…”

• Michael Spitz’s monthly mashup series is proving to be as well received as ever with his July feature coming in at second place for most viewed article of the month.

What is key account management (Part 1)? Back in 2010 we published this article by Hanno Wolfram on Key account management. It remains, until this day, our most popular piece of content. As such, he recently wrote an update – A product is no longer enough – and we hope that people are just as interested in this update as they have been with his original two-part article.

So there you have it, it seems, history, social media, KAM and market access have been absorbing you throughout July. Were you surprised by the results – or are your favourite pieces reflected in the above list?

August – rare diseases

Today our rare disease focus month begins, which will feature plenty of themed content, in addition to an array of articles on other topics. I’ll look forward to seeing what you find of interest in August.

Happy reading!


About the author:

Rebecca Aris is Managing Editor of pharmaphorum, the primary facilitator of thought leadership and innovation for the pharmaceutical industry featuring news, articles, events / company listings and online discussion.

Rebecca was the first full time employee to join pharmaphorum, starting in her current role in mid-2010, and is responsible for coordinating all editorial content on the site. Prior to working at pharmaphorum she was a medical writer at a healthcare PR agency. In addition, she spent three years working as a commissioning editor on three journal titles at a biomedical publishing company. Rebecca holds a BSc (Hons) in pharmaceutical science.

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