Editor’s voice – December 2011

Rebecca Aris


It seems like only yesterday that we were waving goodbye to 2010 and reflecting on the year just gone. Well, another year has now flown by and as we approach 2012 let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the past year on pharmaphorum and what’s to come in the shiny new year.

We’ve upped our game

You may remember that this time last year we were sending three articles a week your way. Well, March saw us leaping to publishing a minimum of five articles a week. We’re teetering at around 5-6 weekly pieces at the moment and we hope you agree that the quality hasn’t dropped. Look out for new authors and the launch of new series in the coming year as our content grows further.

New social media channels were born

2011 saw the launch of our Facebook page and YouTube channel. All audio and visual interviews are now uploaded to our YouTube channel, which currently holds over 40 industry interviews – so why not have a browse through them and sign up to be the first to hear about new ones that might interest you. Our Facebook page was also launched this year and keeps fans entertained with daily updates. It’s worth becoming a fan, and if you do, keep an eye out for our Friday video of the week!

“Shortly following the birth of our YouTube channel, 2011 also saw the launch of some new interview series…”

Some great new series were launched

Shortly following the birth of our YouTube channel, 2011 also saw the launch of some new interview series offering perspectives from all over the industry. We also launched some written review series to give a mix of media and topics. Series worth looking out for that we will be continuing into 2012 include:

• Patient perspective series – an ePatient interview series sharing patient experience and views of the industry.

• Social pharma faces – some well-known faces from the industry who are highly active in social media offer their perspective of social media initiatives within pharma.

• Pharma gets social – a monthly review of the social media projects being undertaken by pharma.

• mHealth Monthly Mashup – a  lively monthly review of mobile health.

• Media perspectives – an interview series of media folks on their thoughts and views of the pharma industry.

• These series will continue into the new year and will be joined by even more regular material. I don’t want to ruin too many surprises for the coming year but you can look forward to a regular news round up, a physician perspective series and regular focus pieces on different disease areas.

Our audience has been growing

November saw us tipping the point of 14,000 monthly unique visitors, which we were particularly proud of. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for being one of those readers. We really appreciate your loyalty and hope you continue to enjoy our content into 2012. We couldn’t grow without your support – so thank you!

“We were especially pleased to discover that we’d achieved a Google page rank of six out of ten.”

Our Google page rank jumped

For those of you not familiar with Google page rank, it’s essentially a mark of how much Google likes you. A multitude of things contribute to this (and no, it’s not things like remembering Google’s birthday and taking it out to lunch). Your rank depends on the quality of your content, how keyword-rich it is and how many links from trusted sites come into your site.

To give you an idea, Facebook, which is unquestionably renowned, has a rank of nine. Owing to the exponential nature of the algorithm used to calculate the figure, it’s twice as hard to increase your rank from five to six as it would have been from four to five. That’s why we were especially pleased to discover that we’d achieved a Google page rank of six out of ten. That’s good going considering we’ve only just turned two years old.

For those wishing to find out more about their site you can check your Google ranking here.

2012 and beyond

Next year will be a very exciting time for pharmaphorum. Keep an eye on the sites for improvements and developments and expect to see the launch of further interesting series. There’s no doubt that it will be a busy time for us but we hope that it will be equally rewarding and we look forward to your continued support.

From all of us at pharmaphorum – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

About the author:

Rebecca Aris is Managing Editor of pharmaphorum, the dynamic online information and discussion portal for the pharmaceutical industry. Reach her with your queries through the site contact form or via Twitter @Rebecca_Aris.