Comms from the ground up

David Hunt’s career has taken him from painting Havas Lynx Group’s offices to running the agency, and now to LA to head up the West Coast for Havas Health & You. He tells Paul Tunnah how agencies can navigate growth challenges and help pharma connect with patients.

With pharma comms changing so rapidly it’s rare to find someone who has stayed in the same place for more than 15 years, let alone someone who started at a company for work experience and rose to become CEO. But that’s exactly the path David Hunt has taken at Havas Lynx Group.

It might be a surprise to some, then, that after spending his entire career at the same agency, Hunt has transitioned, within the network, to take up the role of CEO West at Havas Health & You, moving from the UK to California in the process.

Hunt says he “literally can’t wait” to start the role.

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