Unlocking the full power of data for Pharma

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Treasure data whitepaper feature

The value of data has never been greater in healthcare. With greater digital engagement and opportunities available as the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, putting data to use is critical for healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. In an increasingly digital-first world, the way that HCPs engage with organisations, conduct research, and search for information is changing. Digital systems and data play an important role in this new ecosystem, yet, despite its high value, data is commonly wasted or underutilised. In a new whitepaper titled Creating the Connections that Will Unlock the Full Power of Data for Pharma, software company Treasure Data explores how digital advances have empowered HCPs to expect a more focused service from the pharma brands and how companies can maximise data use to drive engagement.

Today’s healthcare landscape is flooded with structured and unstructured data, which can contribute to digital fatigue as HCPs battle through waves of incoming digital communications. To cut through the noise, pharma companies have shifted their focus towards personalisation when developing HCP communication materials. However, as Treasure Data explores, critical gaps remain when it comes to using data and digital to enhance performance, business results, and brand reputation. In this new whitepaper, Treasure Data offers a guide to help pharma companies make the most of their data, including:

  • Engagement in the age of digitally enabled HCPS
  • Navigating changes in Pharma’s digital environment
  • Harvesting, modelling, and applying data to enrich the customer journey.

HCPs are thriving in this new digitally enriched landscape. Now empowered with the power and capabilities to engage with information on their own terms, there is no going back for HCPs, or Pharma. Now, it is up to the industry to respond. Check out the full whitepaper, Creating the Connections that Will Unlock the Full Power of Data for Pharma, to find out more.