Young entrepreneurs launch healthcare communications company - Collected Group

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Young entrepreneurs launch healthcare communications company Collected Group to tackle unmet needs in healthcare professional engagement

Collected Group will offer scientific and strategic services focused on an innovative approach called omniverse communication to drive improvement in people health

London, 7th March, 2022 - Healthcare communication entrepreneurs, Emily Harrison, and Mohammed Saleh Bham have launched Collected Group, a healthcare communication company aimed at helping biopharma and diagnostic companies engage in more lasting and memorable ways with healthcare professionals.

Located in London but with services delivered globally, Collected Group comprises two individual agencies, Science Collected which specialises in enduring accredited medical education and Health Collected which has a focus on amplifying disease and treatment awareness using omniverse engagement programmes. Both are driven to improve people health.

Virtual engagement fatigue brought on by the pandemic means that a new engagement ecosystem which cuts through the noise and provides thought-provoking immersive experiences is needed to command attention from healthcare professionals. Collected Group’s omniverse communication approach does exactly this by utilising a variety of interaction channels combined with a deep understanding of the engagement needs of healthcare professionals acquired through sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques.

“I’ve always been passionate about improving people health by using my expertise to maximise creativity, drive digital advancement and turn science into evocative content for engagements with healthcare professionals.  I’m also very excited about using microlearning methods to make these engagements memorable and enduring” commented Harrison who leads Science Collected.

Saleh Bham who leads Health Collected said “Getting interest from overwhelmed healthcare professionals is invaluable. We want to disrupt and ignite the way engagements are delivered and have unearthed a fresh way to do this. Our omniverse communication approach to engagements provides experiences which are undemanding yet captivating and empower the end user”.

Collected Group is committed to doing its part for the environment by planting 100 trees for each project it delivers and is keen to provide its engagement expertise on a pro bono basis to healthcare charities.

About Collected Group

Collected Group is a forward-thinking healthcare communication company specialised in innovative and immersive omniverse communication engagement experiences for healthcare professionals. Collected Group’s agencies, Science Collected and Health Collected, explore, and unravel healthcare audience’s educational needs, engage with them on their level, and provide enduring experiences that keep audiences wanting more. Science Collected provides enduring and memorable experiences using accredited-CME (Continuing Medical Education), accredited-CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and IME (Independent Medical Education) programmes. Health Collected creates innovative omniverse engagement programmes which aim to raise disease and treatment awareness to drive improvements in people health. Collected Group’s audience-centric approach cuts through the noise and leaves audiences with a lasting impression, inspiring better outcomes in people health.


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