Translating MSL Field Insights

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Capturing, analysing, prioritising, and reporting on MSL insights is all very well and good – but what happens when you are capturing insights across the globe in at least six different languages?

Recently, we have been working hard to solve this key challenge that all our global clients face – translating non-English insights in real-time and creating an English-language repository of all insights that can be used for global analysis and reporting.

We have worked with Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft translation tools so that we can now integrate their APIs directly into our insight management platform, X-Fly, allowing for seamless on-the-fly translation.

The reason we have worked with all four tools is so that our clients can test all of them simultaneously to see which one best suits their needs, because they all have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to real-time translation of scientific-heavy content, such as that found in field insights.

And although none of them are perfect, they do represent a great starting point in addressing the language issue. For example, it’s possible to create a workflow that combines the initial automated translation with some additional minor manual oversight to create a perfect end-result.

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