What Patients Want HCPs to Know About Satisfaction

What aspects of a patient’s treatment matter most? For many, healthcare providers (HCPs) make a significant impact on how a person feels about their overall care plan; a positive HCP-patient relationship can help a person feel in control of their health and more prepared for the journey ahead, while a less than ideal HCP-patient relationship can lead to unanswered questions and increased anxiety.

How can HCP-patient relationships be enhanced? Do an individual’s feelings about their HCP feed into other aspects of their care? To find out what a “good doctor” really means for people living with chronic conditions, Health Union conducted a survey focused on HCP satisfaction (n=3,339, representative of 19 online health communities) – which shed light on what works for patients, what doesn’t, and what it all means for the healthcare industry.

The Four ‘Cs’ of Satisfaction: Care, Compassion, Communication, Control

At a high level, survey results show that there are Four ‘Cs’ that impact HCP satisfaction, which are all inter-related: when an HCP exhibits genuine caring and compassion, and communicates effectively, patients feel in control of their care plan, which leads to higher satisfaction ratings.

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