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Why is this important?

Patient-centricity is currently a hot topic. Industry and healthcare innovators have become more accepting of the patient as a key stakeholder in the healthcare journey. However, it is common for patient focus to appear on the surface whilst behind the scenes little changes.

Healthcare conferences are a good example of this. Research, treatment and illness are often discussed without the inclusion of patients in either the faculty or audience. ‘Putting Patients First’ is unique in its format. This multidisciplinary, not-for-profit conference explores issues in current and future healthcare from the perspective of patients, families and carers.

Topics and speakers will include:

What patients want?

Chair: Richard Stephens (London, UK)

Speakers: Max Williamson (London, UK), Marleen Kaatee (Amsterdam, NL) and Katerina Tsekoura (Athens, GR)

Let’s talk: better communication in healthcare 

Chair: Doris Schmitt (Konstanz, DE)

Speakers: Colleen Shannon (London, UK), Dr. med. Friederike Siedentopf (Berlin, DE) and Berit Eberhard (Berlin, DE)

Harnessing patient experiences-for science, healthcare and policy

Chair: Achim Kautz (Cologne, DE)

Speakers: Dr. Diane Langenbacher (Munich, DE), Ingo van Thiel (Cologne, DE), Kai Ruenbrink (Frankfurt, DE), Marleen Kaatee (Amsterdam, NL) and Richard Stephens (London, UK)

What should participatory medicine look like?

Chairs: Dr. med. Ros Crooks (London, UK) and  Dr. med. Michael Nnaji (Berlin, DE)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. med Andrew Krentz

My uninvited guest: perspectives on chronic disease in young and old

Chairs:  Ronny Allan (London, UK)

Speakers: Colleen Shannon (London, UK), Prof. Dr. med. Carlos Lifschitz (Houston, USA) Bastian Hauck (Berlin, DE) and Max Williamson (London, UK)

(Lunchtime debate) what annoys us? The patient’s and doctor’s view.

Chair: Prof. Dr. med. Rajan Somasundaram  (Berlin, DE)

Speakers: Dr. med. Christine Oesterling (London, UK) and Ronny Allan (London, UK)

Partnering with industry: how should patients and industry effectively collaborate? 

Chair: Len Starnes (Berlin, DE)

Speakers: Richard Stephens (London, UK). Bastian Hauck (Berlin, DE), Prof. Dr. med Andrew Krentz (London, UK) and Dr. med. Pooja Merchant (Berlin, DE)

The changing face of palliative care

Chairs: Dr. med. Adrain Tookman (London, UK) and Dr. med. Christina Gerlach (Mainz, DE)

Speakers: Dr. med. Faye Gishen (London, UK) and Ronny Allan (London, UK)

Ill health in women: a special case?

Chairs: Birgit Bauer (Abensberg, DE), Katerina Tsekoura (Athens, GR)

Speakers: Elisabeth Robson (Hamburg, DE), ), Marleen Kaatee (Amsterdam, NL)

The psychology of illness: how to cope better?

Chair: Dr. Esther Murray (London, UK)

Speakers: Colleen Shannon (London, UK), Sheena Nixon (London, UK) and Prof. Dr. Babette Renneberg (Berlin, DE)

Patient-centered healthcare: can we afford it?

Chair: Katharina Kolbe (Meerbusch, DE)

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zerth (Fürth, DE), Dr. Christoph Bischoff-Everding (Düsseldorf, DE) and Dr. Patricia Ex (Berlin, DE)

There will also be personal journeys, a scientific poster display, stands from the European Patient Academy (EUPATI) and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Innovation Observatory, an exhibition of artwork by Tony Pickering entitled The Art of Being a Patient and an end-of-conference networking event with musical accompaniment.

The event is fully catered.


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Bona fide patients, relatives and carers affected by significant chronic disease: 

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