Managing HCP Payments Easier

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Managing actual HCP payments is the last step of the HCP end-to-end engagement cycle – it’s the “pay” in “contract-to-pay”!

And yet it’s a step that’s often complicated and presents many challenges to our clients.

Challenges such as the need to manage multiple currencies, tax regimes, jurisdictions, payment types, and individual HCP requirements, while ensuring payments are expedited and made on time to HCPs — these are processes that can sometimes take weeks or even months to pass before payment can actually be initiated following completion of service. All of this requires significant resources and commitments.

For us, being part of the world’s largest agency network with 200,000 people in over 80 countries servicing the world’s largest pharma brands bring with it some advantages.

And one of them has to do with the ability to oversee the management of HCP payments through a single, integrated portal that takes care of many of the pains associated with this last step of the contract-to-pay process.

Thanks to our partners, our Superfly HCP management platform can offer end-to-end management of HCP payments on your behalf; from a single KOL honoraria to payments worth millions of dollars per year.

Once an HCP payment is approved through Superfly, a self-serve financial portal allows your HCPs to instantly initiate payments in ways that suit them best. And since this payment process is tightly integrated with the overall Superfly HCP contract-to-pay digital workflow, there is transparency and oversight at every single step.

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