COUCH Health Engages Mark Duman as Chief Strategy Officer

COUCH Health, a patient engagement agency, announced the appointment of Mark Duman as its Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

Taking charge of strategy development and execution for COUCH Health, Mark will oversee the expansion of COUCH Health’s mission to contribute to inclusive clinical trials that prioritise the patient experience. Mark will report directly to CEO Ash Rishi.

“It has been exciting to watch COUCH Health mature in recent years and firmly establish itself in the industry. I’ve always been impressed by its resolute focus to put patients front and centre in life sciences R&D,” said Mark. “I’m truly delighted to join the team and use my experience to help drive future growth”.

A pharmacist by training, with a proven track record in helping organisations realise the full potential of their products and services, Mark Duman has over 30 years’ worth of experience working in the healthcare sector for clients including AstraZeneca, Department of Health, JnJ, Microsoft, NHS England, Novartis, Roche Diagnostics, Royal College of Surgeons, Siemens Healthineers and Tunstall Group.

COUCH Health CEO Ash Rishi added: “We’re thrilled to welcome Mark to COUCH Health. I’ve always been inspired by his energy and enthusiasm for everything that he works on. His Patient First attitude is a great match for COUCH Health and that, along with his wealth of experience and expertise in our industry, will be instrumental in maximising COUCH Health’s capacity to grow and serve new clients.”

COUCH Health works globally with pharma, biopharma, medical device companies and CROs, providing insights, patient recruitment, patient retention, and investigator site support.

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