5 Leaders, 1 Panel: Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Summit

Microbiome Movement

As the race for the first FDA-approved microbiome-based therapeutic continues, join the 4th Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Summit this June to hear directly from 5 key industry players as part of the exclusive “Microbiome Industry Leaders Panel Discussion” including:

  • Eric Shaff, CEO, Seres Therapeutics
  • Ken Blount, CSO, Rebiotix
  • Bernat Olle, CEO, Vedanta Biosciences
  • Alison Lawton, CEO, Kaleido Biosciences
  • Colleen Cutcliffe, CEO, Whole Biome

Across a dynamic 60-minute discussion, these leaders will delve into:

  • The most pressing scientific and product-development challenges when developing microbiome-based therapeutics across a range of potential product modalities and disease targets
  • The road to commercialization and market approval for the first FDA-approved microbiome therapeutic
  • The rising trends the microbiome industry have seen gather pace
  • Ensuring that consistent standards are implemented throughout the whole life cycle of microbiome-based therapeutic & biomarker development
  • The role of big pharma and policy makers to support the translational potential of a complex and unpredictable science
  • If the industry could change one thing today, what would it be?

This exclusive panel is your chance to get unrivalled access to the leaders driving the translational microbiome field forward and gain access to their strategies, pipeline and future outlooks as the industry look’s primed for clinical and commercial success across 2019. Learn more about what will be discussed across the 3-day meeting here: https://ter.li/nedh9i