Charles Darwin’s lesson for pharma medical affairs: don’t just analyse data, act on it

Charles Darwin originally published his On the Origin of Species in 1859, after decades of painstaking scientific inquiry, observation and recording of how plants and animals had changed over time.  Famously, Darwin had waited 23 years before publishing his work, wary of the impact it would have on religious belief and wider society.

But when he learned a rival was close to releasing his own similar theory, he finally published his magnum opus.

His theory on natural selection is often misunderstood as ‘survival of the fittest’ but it can be more accurately summed up as ‘survival of the most adaptable’.  This concept holds true when we consider how Medical Affairs departments in pharmaceutical companies need to change with the times, or else become obsolete.

And just as Charles Darwin understood, the key is not just to collect and analyse data – but to act on it.

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