Cellular Immunotherapies for Solid Tumors Summit

01/12/2020 - 03/12/2020

The cell immunotherapy revolution has taken the oncology world by storm, and for good reason too with curative therapies now on the market. Yet, despite this clear potential, clinical efficacy in solid tumors is extremely limited.

Equip your team with the knowledge to fight solid tumors at the Cellular Immunotherapies for Solid Tumors Digital Summit (December 1-3), the first and only forum dedicated to improving cell trafficking and persistence, identifying safe targets, and tackling the tumor microenvironment to achieve clinical efficacy and safety.

See the conference agenda here!

With over 23 world-class speakers set to share their ground-breaking research developments, straight to your home or office, this is your chance to learn from the industry’s very best, including:

  • Michael Klichinsky, Co-Founder & VP, Discovery, Carisma Therapeutics
  • Laura Johnson, Senior Director, Translational Academic Innovation OCT Lead, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Steffen Walter, CSO, Immatics
  • Lawrence Lamb, CSO, Incysus Therapeutics
  • Lei Xiao, CEO, Innovation Cellular Therapeutics
  • John Lee, Scientific Director, CAR-T Discovery & Platform Development, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson
  • Cagan Gurer, Executive Director, Cell Therapy & Neoantigen Research, Kite, A Gilead Company
  • Blythe Sather, Senior Director, T-Cell Engineering, Lyell Immunopharma
  • Marit Van Buuren, Director, T-Cell Immunology, Neon Therapeutics
  • Daniel Powell, Associate Professor, Director, Cellular Therapy Tissue Facility, University of Pennsylvania

Download your digital brochure here to access the full speaker faculty and more details on the research they will be sharing.

Don’t miss out! With over 90% of cancers arising from solid tumors, it is now vital to unite with your colleagues, collaborate and share learnings to tackle this huge unmet need.

For more information visit www.solid-tumors-summit.com or email us at info@hansonwade.com