Biosimilars & Biologics 2018

22/03/2018 - 23/03/2018

On 22 & 23 March 2018, Porto will host the 2nd BioTech Pharma Summit: Biosimilars & Biologics 2018. This year’s flagship event will gather top EU, US, Asia and global regulators, officials, healthcare actors as well as industry leaders, to foster open exchange and debate on the role of the biosimilars & biologics medicines sector.

Biosimilars will lead to $54 billion less in direct spending on biologics (or about 3% of total spending on biologics) over the next decade. The range of the new savings estimate given reasonable ranges of key assumptions, such as the price of biosimilars versus reference biologics and biosimilar market share, varied from $24 billion to $150 billion from 2018 through 2027.

The BioTech Pharma Summit: Biosimilars & Biologics 2018 is the leading event to continually stay on the pulse of the biosimilars’ ever-changing market and convenes key stakeholders including biosimilar and innovator pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, providers and patient advocates addressing timely challenges and best practices for biosimilar product success


  • Interchangeability strategy in Biosimilar clinical trial
  • Current market trends and future challenges for Biosimilar success
  • Biosimilar development in emerging markets
  • CMC Analytical Comparability: Methods & Strategies for Biologics, Biosimilars & Biobetters
  • Prognosis for the Global Biologics market in an era of transformative new technologies
  • Commercial challenges and opportunities – strategies to develop Biosimilars & Biologics
  • Clinical Trial Strategies in Biosimilar Drug Development
  • Biosimilarity assesment through comparability
  • Developing successful business models in Biosimilar product development
  • Innovative clinical approach in biosimilar
  • Process Development for Biosimilars – Industry challenges
  • Non-Clinical Studies in Biosimilars development
  • Biosimilars development and impact on clinical practice
  • Impact that biosimilars make on availability of biologicals on ROW markets
  • Biosimilar approval to biogenerics in clinical practice
  • Analytical Comparability of Biologics and Biosimilars
  • Pricing and reimbursement considerations for Biosimilars
  • Considerations for the analytical similarity assessments when designing a Biosimilar development program
  • Determining the right investments & potential returns from Biosimilars
  • Research-based industry Biosimilar strategies
  • Injection Devices for Biosimilars: Advantages of Platform Products

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