Opening the digital front door to advanced healthcare

pharmaphorum podcast episode 119a

In a new episode of the pharmaphorum podcast, host Nicole Raleigh speaks with Dr Brigham Hyde, co-founder and CEO of Atropos Health, and Ardy Arianpour, co-founder and CEO of SEQSTER, about their latest partnership, with its goal of personalised registries and the notion of the digital front door for patient information.

Everyone must own, collect, and share their data to advance medicine, says Arianpour. Indeed, Arianpour’s own path to today is one very much personally driven, with both his mother and his grandmother’s health journeys part of SEQSTER’s development purpose. And the company’s patient registry has now combined with Atropos’ AI capabilities in order to propel healthcare into a new era not yet seen in the industry.

In the 2000s, data had to be created. In the 2010s, those data sources were disparate. And now, data is in the Cloud, can be gathered and connected – but it doesn’t solve the problem of finding insights from that data. And that’s where AI comes in: speed to insight, speed to value.

From federated technology to one-click records, from speed to value, the clarification is ever that patients own their own data and that the use of that data be purely through consent. Add to that, critical transparency and – the cherry on top, according to Arianpour – real-time data.

Digital front doors have different appearances for different countries, however, and here Hyde and Arianpour explain the nuances of health systems in geographically different localities. Nonetheless, essentially, what once could only be imagined can now, in fact, be done. And the myriad possibilities, over various disease areas, are impressive.

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