Biopharma’s rapid transition to omnichannel marketing

pharmaphorum podcast episode 96

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a change that was already underway with regards to the digitisation of biopharma marketing – and the increasing ubiquity of omnichannel. It’s a trend that has only been supercharged by recent advances in artificial intelligence. But how is the shift to digital playing out in practice?

In today’s episode, sponsored by Veeva, we’ll hear a roundtable discussion on this fascinating topic featuring Victoria Serra Gittermann, European customer experience lead at Veeva Systems, and Sebastian Noel, Veeva’s director of multichannel strategy – moderating a discussion with two executives with first-hand experience leading this change: Andy Eeckhout, global head of CRM and digital solutions at Advanz Pharma, and Mokhtar Elsayed, head of global go to market commercial transformation at Sanofi.

This podcast is a companion to a Veeva whitepaper, “Elevating HCP Engagement Through Field Behavioral Change” that you can check out here.

In the podcast, panellists discuss how to empower field teams to leverage omnichannel while still giving them guidelines to work within, the importance of high-level strategic planning, and how to manage regulatory and consent requirements. They also dispatch advice for working on your digital strategy and muse about the future of digital engagement in biopharma.

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