AI trends in 2023

pharmaphorum podcast episode 79

No matter what industry you’re in, artificial intelligence is a major topic around the water cooler. But while AI in popular culture may be at a peak of hype, AI in pharma is trending toward a moment of maturity, reliability, and scalability.

In today’s pharmaphorum podcast, brought to you by Syneos Health, Leigh Householder, EVP and MD of technology and data solutions at Syneos Health, and Noolie Gregory, VP of decentralised clinical trial operations at Syneos Health, join host Jonah Comstock to talk about the Syneos Health 2023 Health Trends Report, particularly the opening section, 'AI: Finally Fit for Purpose'.

Jonah, Leah, and Noolie talk about how AI has evolved over the past few years in pharma and why its poised to break out in 2023 into high quality, actionable use cases in a variety of areas, including diagnostics, drug development, and clinical trial recruitment and administration. They talk about some of the challenges and potential barriers of AI in healthcare and how they might be moved past.

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